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The Hyper Tube Entrance is a building used to enter the Hyper Tube. Unlike the Hyper Tube Support, its height or angle cannot be changed during construction. It can also be attached to a Support if it's at the end of the tube.

The tube can be only attached to it from one side and so has to be built that the Indicator Light is on the right side from the direction it will be entered from.

The Entrance constantly consumes 10 MW, but only has to be powered when entering the tube. If a power trip occurs when the Engineer is already within the tube, transport will not be interrupted.

The entry range is about 2m to the front and 0,5m to the sides.

Anzeige Lichtverhalten[]

Farbe Zustand
Rot Kein Strom
Gelb Röhre nicht angeschlossen
Grün Betriebsbereit


  • The Entrance appears to close its shutter as the engineer moves away from it.
  • Direction of travel can be reversed during a journey by holding the 'Backward' key
  • It has no encroaching hitbox, it is possible to build multiple Hyper Tube Entrance at the same spot.


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