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Barre de vie


Healing items must be consumed to restore health beyond 30, up to 100 (full health). You can still consume healing items while at full health, however those will be wasted. Les objets de restauration de sant doivent être consommé à partir de 30 points de vie jusqu'a 100. Vous pouvez les consommé après 100 HP mais c'est une perte.

Nom Restauration de santé
Beryl Nut.png noix de béryl 5 HP
Paleberry.png Paléobaie 10 HP
Bacon Agaric.png Agaric lardon 20 HP
Medicinal Inhaler.png Inhalateur Médicinal 100 HP

Damage sources[]

Damage Source Amount Description
Fall 1 to 100 See section below.
Fluffy-tailed Hog 10 Tackle attack
Alpha Hog 20
Tackle attack
Bite attack
Spitter 5
Melee fireball
Ranged fireball
Alpha Spitter 10 Each fireball attack
Stinger 10
Small stinger claw attack
Large and elite stinger claw attack or jump attack
Elite stinger poison attack, 5 per second
Flying Crab 5 Tackle attack
Poison Gas 5 Poison damage from Poison Pillar, Spore Flower and Elite Stinger which deals 5 per second.
Radiation 1 Variable rate, up to 20 per second.
Out of bound/Void 1 Up to 5 per second. Continue reading: World
Nobelisk 47
Explosion damage
Thrown damage