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Disambig.png Cet article est à propos de Scanner de ressources, à ne pas confondre avec Scanner d'objet

The Resource Scanner being used to scan the terrain.

The resource scanner is used to scan the nearby area and shows the Engineer locations of potentially useful Resources. By default it can scan for Iron Ore, and new resources are added after completing certain Milestones. The resource scanner is the same tool as Construction Tool but the engineer handles it with the left hand.

Scanning Mechanic[]

When the scan button (default C) is pressed and held down, a scanning wheel will pop up. Move the mouse to choose the desired resource, then release the button to start scanning. A cyan spherical surface will then propagate outward from the scanner. Three nearest patches of the chosen ore type will be scanned; their directions would be indicated on the Compass. Three pings sounds will then be played relative to their distances. If the resource patch is at the direction within the game window, lines will be drawn from sky and point down to the exact Node locations, regardless if the nodes are directly within the line of sight. Circles will be drawn, indicate the number, the locations and the exact elevations of the nodes.

The resource will be scanned regardless if the Engineer has built a Miner on top of it. After 3 patches are scanned, the scanning process stops.

A single quick tap will trigger the re-scanning the previous chosen resource type. However it is observed there is a cooldown for the scan result to be actually displayed.

After 25 seconds, the resource indications would disappear form the compass. Re-scan if needed.

Scanner Updates[]

Tier Milestone Resource
0 Hub Upgrade 1 Copper Ore
0 Hub Upgrade 2 Limestone
3 Coal Power Coal
3 Caterium Technology * Caterium Ore
4 Explorer * Raw Quartz
4 Explosives * Sulfur
5 Oil Processing Crude Oil
6 Advanced Caterium Electronics * Geyser
7 Nuclear Power Uranium
7 Bayer Process Bauxite
8 Particle Enrichment S.A.M. Ore
* Need M.A.M. Research for Milestone.


Currently in Early Access, the Geyser uses the same icon as Crude Oil in the compass when scanned. It is believed that it is the placeholder graphic.

Also, the scanning pulse can be used as some sort of radar to guide the engineer in f.e. dark and foggy areas like caves (evtl. with poison gas vents, which worsen the view on top). The pulse will expand circulary, indicating all surfaces of walls and other properties it is passing by.