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Indicator Lights are tube lights situated on all electricity-powered or generator buildings. They have 4 states. They have a hitbox and cannot be walked through, but structures such as walkways can be built through them if they aren't within the hitbox of a building.


The indicator light reflects the state of the building:

  • A flashing Red light indicates the building is either lacking a powered connection, not connected to power grid or needs to have a recipe selected.
  • A flashing Yellow light indicates the building is correctly configured but not producing because of logistic problem. The building is either starving for resources or overflowing its output. This state can be also enforced by flicking the standby switch when the building would be showing green (or white) otherwise.
  • A solid Green light indicates the building is working.
  • A solid bright White light means the building is working and is overclocked. Only present on buildings that support overclocking.

Not all buildings can be in all states, such as Jump Pads which only show red when not powered and green when powered.

When generators idle due to low power usage, they will show green, despite the fact they aren't working.