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Заводская мототележка FICSIT™ (иногда просто Заводская тележка или Тележка для гольфа) - это транспорт, используемый для перемещения инженера по заводу. Его специальные цепкие колёса обеспечивают быстрое ускорение и резкое торможение за счет безумного заноса на бездорожье. (несмотря на то, что в описании заявлена хорошая езда только по фундаментам, тележка может также быстро ездить по любым, построенным Инженером строениям, например: по зданиям, по мостикам, по конвейерным лентам, по трубам и т.д.)

В отличие от любого другого транспорта, она не требует какого-либо топлива. Она имеет одну ячейку инвентаря, и доставка с ней может быть автоматизирована, так как она имеет автопилот и может загружаться и разгружаться на грузовых станциях.



 Заводская мототележка разблокируется в  ЧУДО-магазине за:
FICSIT Coupon.png


Заводская мототележка
4 × Reinforced Iron Plate.png
Усиленная железная пластина
4 × Iron Rod.png
Железный прут
Manual crafting.png × 10
1 × Factory Cart.png
Заводская мототележка
ЧУДО-магазин - Транспорт, Заводская мототележка FICSIT™
2 × Rotor.png


How to get a Factory Cart:

  • Unlock its blueprint at the AWESOME Shop for 10 Coupons.
  • Craft it at the Equipment Workshop.
  • Drag / Double-Left / ⇧ Shift +Left to equip in hand.
  • Left to place it on the ground.
  • Interact (default E) it to ride.



Заводская мототележка не используется для производства чего-либо.

ЧУДО утилизация[]

 Заводская мототележка не может(гут) быть утилизирован(а/ы) в  ЧУДО-утилизаторе и лишь засорит(ят) его ввод.


  • Riding in a Factory Cart is slightly faster than running with Blade Runners. (55 km/h vs 48 km/h)
  • The Factory Cart has a shorter hitbox than a standing pioneer, making it somewhat useful for traversing in a congested area. (1.5 m high vs 1.8 m high)
  • Although a vehicle health bar is displayed when riding the cart, it is impossible to damage the Factory Cart by any means.


While riding, clicking Left will enable the siren. It will display an animation in which the riding pioneer puts a siren onto the roof of the cart.

When getting out of the cart and getting back in, only the light will stay on (the siren won't be heard).


  • When riding, the upper part of the door will never be fully closed and will stay folded down, dangling outside.
  • Pioneers in Factory Cart are immune to fall damage and Radiation damage but not poison damage.
  • Truck Stations will load fuel into the cart, which depletes very quickly with no bonus. Its fuel slot cannot be accessed from its inventory.
  • When the Factory Cart is tipped, exit the car and interact E with it to flip it back to an upright position.
  • Even when driving the Factory Cart in a straight line, it tends to turn right after some distance.
  • Driving backward in the cart is actually highly stable on rough terrain, though it tops out at only 25 km/h.
  • Sometimes when interacting with the Factory Cart, its UI title will display 'Puny Vroom'.
  • Occasionally when deploying the cart, it will say in a robotic voice "More than meets the eye."
  • It is called Golf Cart internally.
  • When the Factory Cart is in hand, it will make the same popping sounds as the Portable Miner.
  • Even when the Cart is being assembled after being put down, you can ride it while it's being assembled. This will show the engineer floating on nothing for a moment.
  • Despite the fact it cannot be built with the Build Gun, the Factory Cart can be dismantled with the Build Gun.


  • Patch
    • Adjusted the speed to be slightly faster than the Blade Runners (previous speed was 40 km/h)
    • Now has a crafting time of 10
  • Patch
    • Tweaked air control and collision
    • Now has correct interaction text
    • Can no longer be picked up when it is being driven
    • Fixed a FOV issue
    • Camera position no longer follows when the Cart flips
    • Now returns its inventory on Dismantle
  • Patch 0.3: Introduced