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Инопланетные органы
Alien Organs.png
Organs from alien creatures.
Открывается в Alien Organisms - Alien Organs
Размер стака 50
Blueprint path


Энергия 250 МДж
Энергии в полном стаке 12.5 ГДж
Время горения
Время горения стака
6м 56.667с in Сжигатель биомассы
3м 47.273с in Трактор
2м 46.667с in Грузовик

Alien Organs are a biomass item which can be retrieved from dead Spitters and Stingers. It can be directly used as fuel in the Biomass Burner or vehicles, or for crafting Medicinal Inhalers.


Alien Organs can be obtained from dead Spitters and Stingers. This hostile fauna can drop a varying number of Alien Organs.

  • Spitters drop one Alien Organ on death.
  • Alpha Spitters drop 2-3 Alien Organs on death.
  • Small Stingers drop 1-2 Alien Organs on death.
  • Large Stingers drop three Alien Organs on death.
  • Elite Stingers drop five Alien Organs on death.



 Инопланетные органы открывает Древо исследований Alien Organisms в  ММА после того, как был(а/и) впервые подобран(а/ы).


Биомасса (инопланетные органы)
1 × Alien Organs.png
Инопланетные органы
7.5 / min
8 sec
Manual crafting.png × 4
200 × Biomass.png
1500 / min
Инопланетные организмы - Органические свойства
Медицинский ингалятор: Alien Organs
3 × Alien Organs.png
Инопланетные органы
5 × Mycelia.png
Manual crafting.png × 5
1 × Medicinal Inhaler.png
Медицинский ингалятор
Alien Organisms - Medicinal Inhaler

ЧУДО утилизация[]

 Инопланетные органы не может быть утилизирован(а) в  ЧУДО-утилизаторе и лишь засорит его вход.


  • Although Alien Organs can be used as fuel directly, it is much more efficient to convert them into Biomass or even Solid Biofuel before burning it.
  • Alien Organs, like Alien Carapaces, can be used to store a large amount of biomass energy due to its stack size and conversion rate.
  • When being made into a biomass with a constructor, the output will be clogged each time biomass is made and more will not be produced until fully empty. This occurs due to the recipe producing an entire stack at a time, and happens regardless of clock speed and conveyor belt. A better conveyor belt will clear the output more quickly.

Смотрите также[]


  • Patch 0.1.5:
    • Added Alien Organs research after Alien Carapace (making it possible to turn Alien Organs into Medicinal Inhalers)
    • Stingers (spider-like creature) now drop Alien Organs