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There are ten different fluids of different purposes in Satisfactory. They are transported with Pipelines and can be stored in Fluid Buffers. To the player, their amount is shown in cubic meters (m3) with up to 2 decimals, however, internally the game stores them in liters (1/1000 of a cubic meter).

Unlike items, fluids cannot be carried in the inventory, unless packaged.

Nine of the fluids are liquids, Nitrogen Gas being the only currently-processable gas.

Fluid Unlocked at Source Source building Packaged form Usage
 Вода Tier 3 Water bodies  Экстрактор воды  Вода в бутылях  Уголь and  Nuclear power, some mid-to-late-game recipes and several alternate recipes
 Сырая нефть Tier 5 Its resource node  Oil Extractor  Бочка нефти  Пластик,  Резина and  Топливо +  Мазут and  Полимерная смола byproducts
 Мазут Tier 5  Пластик and  Резина production  Очистительный завод  Бочка мазута  Нефтяной кокс
 Топливо Tier 5 Refined  Сырая нефть  Канистра топлива  Fuel Generator, Vehicle and Jetpack fuel
 Турботопливо Tier 5 (alternate recipe)  Топливо +  Угольный брикет  Packaged Turbofuel  Fuel Generator and Vehicle fuel
 Жидкое биотопливо Tier 5  Solid Biofuel +  Вода  Канистра биотоплива
 Раствор глинозёма Tier 7  Боксит +  Вода  Бутыль раствора глинозёма  Алюминиевый лом used for  Алюминиевый слиток production
 Серная кислота Tier 7  Сера +  Вода  Packaged Sulfuric Acid  Uranium refinement
 Азот Tier 8 Its Resource Well  Resource Well Extractor  Packaged Nitrogen Gas Advanced aluminum parts
 Nitric Acid Tier 8  Азот +  Вода  Blender  Packaged Nitric Acid Advanced aluminum parts


  • Patch
    • Introduced Nitrogen Gas and Nitric Acid
    • Introduced specific UI for gases and a separate system for them, meaning they lack a dependency on head lift.
  • Patch 0.3: Introduced

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