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Конвейерный разветвитель
Conveyor Splitter.png
Позволяет разделить конвейерную ленту на три направления
Пригодится при рпзгрузке конвейерных лент, переполненых деталями и ресурсами.
Открывается в Уровень 1 - Логистика
Категория Логистика
Подкатегория Сортировка
Необходимые предметы
Iron Plate.png

Конвейерный разветвитель - это строение, которое принимает предметы со входящего конвейера и распределяет их между тремя исходящими конвейерами.[1]

Принцип работы[]

  • A splitter splits items from one input belt into connected output belt(s).
  • The input side must be connected to a belt for it to function.
  • A splitter has three outputs, at least one of them must be connected to a belt.
  • If only one output is connected, all items from the input goes into the output.
  • If two or three outputs are connected, the splitter will attempt to split items evenly. The first item goes to output A, 2nd the item goes to output B, regardless of the items on the belt are of the same type or mixed type.
  • If one output belt is stuck, the splitter will attempt to split the items among the remaining output belts.
  • If all output belts are stuck, then the splitter will stop splitting and build up its buffer of nine items.
    • This also pauses the input belt.
  • The splitter works again if any of the output belts have space for it to push items into.

Splitter mechanism.png


Есть три вида разветвителей, каждый с различными сортирующими возможностями:[2]


Стандартный разветвитель просто разделяет предметы между выходами по очереди. Если какой-либо выход оказывается заполнен, то разветвитель распределит предметы между оставшимися выходами поровну.


Основная статья: Умный Разветвитель

Разветвитель с 3 выходами. Каждый выход имеет фильтр, который может иметь значение "ничего", "любой" или какой-либо конкретный предмет.


Разветвитель с 3 выходами. Каждый выход может иметь несколько фильтров.


The  Conveyor Splitter and  Conveyor Merger have fairly large collision boxes which are likely to obstruct additional parallel belts. For example, a splitter for  Винты belt is likely to block the construction of  Железная пластина belt. It is advised to build other nearby belts before building the splitter/merger.


You can stack the splitters and/or mergers on top of each other, each stacking offset by 2-meter height.

Splitters can be built directly onto straight sections of existing  Conveyor Belt, even if the belt is elevated or sloped. This makes it easy to split items off of raised or stacked belts without first having to stack splitters up to the correct height. When placing splitters on an existing belt, they do not snap to the foundation grid, even if the belt is on the ground level.

Splitters and Mergers cannot be built directly onto a building's belt connector (so attempting to extract items out of an overclocked Miner faster than the speed of a belt is not possible. You can snap Splitters and Mergers onto either end of a Conveyor Lift, but there is currently a misalignment glitch that causes this function completely useless.

Belt splitting styles[]

  • Manifold
  • Balancer


  • It is easy to differentiate between the input and output slot by looking at the shape of the LED light at the belt connector. The outputs are indicated by an arrow-like light, while the input is three smaller dotted lights. From the plan view, the inputs are always colored (default orange) while the outputs are always silver-colored.
  • Splitters will only split across the number of outputs you use. So you can divide the input into two halves, or three thirds. This is a useful characteristic to apply efficient early game set-ups, e.g. smelting ores, which are predominantly simple ratios of one to two, one to four or one to eight.
  • Planning ahead, get into a habit of adding a Conveyor Splitter before every input of production buildings. This allows you to expand a line of production buildings later on.
  • Разветвители разделяют только между подключёнными выходами, так что вы можете разделять вход на две или на три части. Это полезно знать для эффективного обустройства производства в начале игры, например, переплавки руды, где соотношения преимущественно простые, вроде 1 к 2, 1 к 4 или 1 к 8.

Current issue[]

  • The splitters and mergers have a buffer of nine items that can be stored inside them, first-in, last-out. This can be an issue when accidentally sent a belt of wrong items into it and trying to purge the wrong items afterward. It is recommended to rebuild the splitters and the belts altogether.
  • If a splitter is built onto an existing belt, it can sometimes retain a short segment of the belt within it. When upgrading the belt, later on, a short segment of the belt can be left forgotten which can cause a throughput issue. Dismantle the splitter to avoid this. If the splitter is built before connecting the belts, then it is fine.



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