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Конвейерный соединитель
Conveyor Merger.png
Merges up to three conveyor belts into one.
Открывается в Уровень 1 - Логистика
Категория Логистика
Подкатегория Сортировка
Необходимые предметы
Iron Plate.png
Iron Rod.png

A merger in action. (old visual)

The Conveyor Merger is a logistics building that merges up to three input conveyors in sequence and outputs all resources onto the output conveyor.


Conveyor Mergers can be either built separately, stacked on top of another Merger or Conveyor Splitter, or built directly onto a Conveyor Belt. Building directly onto a Belt makes the placement not follow foundation grid alignments.

Two Mergers (or Splitters) fit on one foundation without clipping through each other.


The Conveyor Merger attempts to continously take resources from the connected 1-3 conveyors and output them onto the output conveyor. If any input is not connected or empty, it takes resources from other connected conveyors instead. The Mk. of a conveyor does not affect the priority, for example, when merging a Mk.4 and Mk.2 conveyor onto a Mk.4, the input Mk.4 will have pauses to allow resources from the Mk.2 belt to be merged.

The Merger has an internal inventory of 9 items.

A Conveyor Merger can be easily distinguished from a Conveyor Splitter, as the outputs have green > arrows and are metal in color, while the inputs has orange ≡ symbols and is colored orange.


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