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FICSIT Coupon.png
A special FICSIT bonus program Coupon, obtained through the AWESOME Sink. Can be redeemed in the AWESOME Shop for bonus milestones and rewards.
Открывается в Уровень 2 - Бонусная программа утилизации
Размер стака 500
Очки утилизации 1
Blueprint path


FICSIT Coupons are special items produced by sinking items into the AWESOME Sink. They are used to purchase blueprints or items in the AWESOME Shop. They are consumed after each purchase.
Although thousands of points are required to create each Coupon at the Sink, each Coupon is only worth one point if fed back into the Sink. Sinking a Coupon for the first time will make the Cyber Wagon available for purchase.

Coupon cost formula[править | править код]

See ЧУДО-утилизатор#Coupon cost

ЧУДО утилизация[править | править код]

 Купон FICSIT может быть утилизирован в  ЧУДО-утилизаторе за 1 очков.

Trivia[править | править код]

  • Unlike any other item, they have a dark background in inventories.

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