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Линия электросети
Power Line.png
Used to connect Power Poles, Power Generators and Factory buildings.
Открывается в Уровень 0 - Улучшение ХАБа 2
Категория Энергетика
Подкатегория Электростолбы
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Power Lines are used to connect Power Poles and buildings to provide or draw power. Just like Power Poles, they have no capacity limit and can transmit as much power as provided, losslesly.


Each building (excluding Power Poles) may only have one Power Line connected to it. It is advised to connect the other end of the Power Line to a Power Pole or Wall Outlet to allow further expansion of a power grid.

While constructing a Power Line, if the destination targeted is not a building, a Power Pole or Wall Outlet will be added automatically if possible; the additional cost of the Power Pole or Wall Outlet is taken into account when it is required.

The maximum length of a Power Line is 100 meters (12.5 Foundation lengths), at the cost of one Cable per 25 meters, rounded up.

Power Lines are "disconnected" simply by dismantling them.


  • Ideally a Power Pole or Wall Outlet should have at least one connector reserved after all machines are connected; this allows connection of the pole/outlet to a power grid.
  • If a Power Pole or Wall Outlet reaches its maximum connections, no further Power Line connections can be added to it.
  • The number of current connections and the maximum connections are shown when aiming a new Power Line at a pole/outlet.
  • Individual Power Lines may be dismantled by aiming at the Power Line with the Dismantle Tool (F).
  • Removing a Power Pole or Wall Outlet will also remove any connected Power Lines, returning their associated material cost in addition.
  • Power Lines have no limit on power transmission.

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  • Patch Fixed a bug where the power icon would look out of place for Client after upgrading Power Lines
  • Patch Power Lines can now be upgraded to FICSMAS Power Lights and vice versa
  • Patch Power Lines should be easier to dismantle again
  • Patch 0.3:
    • Power Poles placed when building Power Lines now snap to the foundation grid
    • Power Lines can now be built through player-built structures without restrictions
  • Patch 0.1.8: Fixed a crash related to Power Lines being saved in a bad state
  • Patch 0.1.5: Fixed a bug with the cost of Power Lines not updating correctly while building