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Jetpacks allow for maneuverability and can act as shock-dampeners when out pioneering in uncharted territories. Be sure to keep it stocked with fuel at all times, especially in mid-air!
~ Стив, ассистент Катерины Паркс

The Jetpack is a piece of body equipment. Pioneers can use it to gain elevation and avoid fall damage.



Реактивный ранец
50 × Пластик.png
15 × Печатная плата.png
Печатная плата
Manual crafting.png × 30
1 × Реактивный ранец.png
Реактивный ранец
Уровень 6 - Реактивный ранец
50 × Резина.png
25 × Кабель.png

ЧУДО утилизация[]

 Реактивный ранец можно утилизировать в  ЧУДО-утилизаторе за 35 580 оч.



As mentioned before, the Jetpack is a personal flight device used to increase altitude and potentially avoid fall damage. It also increases mobility during jumps, making the directional keys move the player faster than they would normally.

The Jetpack allows the pioneer to fly up to 22 meters vertically when the jump key is held down, or 50 meters if you are spamming the jump-key as fast as you can[1], and 136 meters horizontally. When flying horizontally, it is advised to tap the jump button once in a while at the correct timing, instead of simply holding down the jump button. This will allows the pioneer to perform a series of smaller jumps in the air, which greatly increases the flight range.

To prevent fall damage, simply tap the jump button just before the pioneer reaches the ground. This will consume a small amount of fuel.


The Jetpack requires Packaged Fuel in the pioneer's inventory to operate. It will not (currently)[2] work with Packaged Turbofuel or Packaged Liquid Biofuel. Two Packaged Fuels will be consumed for each full recharge.

The fuel bar is displayed at the lower left of the game window and it only lasts for six seconds. It quickly depletes during the flight. The jetpack can only refuel when the pioneer is not in the air, swimming, or climbing a ladder; the refueling process is automatic as long as the pioneer is on any solid surface and it consumes fuels from the pioneer's inventory.

Current Issues[]

  • During autosave, the Jetpack will sometimes receive a sudden upward boost while in mid-air, launching the player high up into the sky.
  • Holding Space and then opening either the Inventory or the Build Menu will cause the Jetpack to continue to run, even after letting go of Space. Exiting the opened menu and tapping Space will stop the Jetpack and return it to normal functionality.
  • The Jetpack will refill even when no fuel is in the inventory a short while after taking it off.


  • For routinely crossing large distances it is best combined with a Hyper Tube cannon.
  • The Tilted Jump Pad also boosts the flight range of the Jetpack.
  • When the Jetpack is first crafted, it will be filled with a full charge



  • Patch No longer requires Computers for its unlock (replaced by Packaged Fuel), making it a bit easier to unlock in early Tier 6
  • Patch 0.3: Now consumes Packaged Fuel instead of Fuel
  • Patch 0.1.5: Changed crafting cost from 3 Circuit Board and 25 Plastic to 15 Circuit Board and 50 Plastic


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