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Суперпозиционный осциллятор
Superposition Oscillator.png
A Superposition Oscillator is an oscillator circuit that uses the mechanical resonance of a vibrating crystal to create a string vibration with a precise frequency.
Often used in teleportation technology and dimensional manipulation.
Открывается в HUB Advent Calendar
Размер стака 100
Blueprint path


The Superposition Oscillator is an item that could be obtained from the FICSMAS Advent Calendar in the HUB. It appears to be the successor to Crystal Oscillators. Currently, it can only be used to unlock two Crash Sites.

Unlike any other item, the Superposition Oscillator is animated, as the floating cube spins around and erratically moves into random directions.


FICSMAS calendar[]

Seven total Superposition Oscillators could be obtained from the FICSMAS Calendar in the HUB, in two rewards (one reward gives 1 and the other 6).


Суперпозиционный осциллятор невозможно произвести.



Суперпозиционный осциллятор не используется для производства чего-либо.

ЧУДО утилизация[]

 Суперпозиционный осциллятор не может быть утилизирован в  ЧУДО-утилизаторе и лишь засорит ввод утилизатора.



  • Patch 0.3.7: Now can be obtained as a random reward from the HUB Advent Calendar during FICSMAS