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The Chainsaw is a tool used to cut down flora in a target area by consuming  Solid Biofuel. It allows the engineer to harvest things that can't be harvested by hand, such as trees, some shrubs, and small rocks, or to clear an area of these things.



Цепная пила
5 × Усиленная железная пластина.png
Усиленная железная пластина
25 × Железный прут.png
Железный прут
Manual crafting.png × 15
1 × Цепная пила.png
Цепная пила
Уровень 2 - Расчистка препятствий
160 × Винты.png
15 × Кабель.png



With the Chainsaw equipped, approach some flora (valid flora will be highlighted with a white outline) and hold Right to cut it. After the animation finishes, all flora within a 5-meter radius is cut (centered on the targeted object).[1]. Some nearby small rocks will also be destroyed and yield Limestone or Silica, although the rocks can't be targeted directly. All items produced by the destroyed flora will be transferred into the player's inventory. Several types of trees cannot be cut, usually large trees.

While the AoE can not be directly turned off, if there isn't enough space in the player's inventory, only the targeted (highlighted) flora is cut and no items are obtained. This is a known bug and not an intentional feature.[2][3]


The Chainsaw cannot be used as a weapon; it does no damage to any creature.


Цепная пила не используется для производства чего-либо.

ЧУДО утилизация[]

 Цепная пила можно утилизировать в  ЧУДО-утилизаторе за 2 760 оч.

Расход топлива[]

The Chainsaw currently uses Solid Biofuel as fuel. It consumes 75 MW and Solid Biofuel has 450 MJ of energy, therefore one Solid Biofuel is consumed every six seconds.

The chainsaw does not support multiple fuel types due to UI limitations; there isn't currently a way for the player to specify what fuel it should consume.[4]



  • Despite being powered by a solid form of biomass, the chainsaw still sounds like it is powered by liquid fuel.[5]


  • Patch Sound tweaked, reduced sound volume.
  • Patch 0.3: Now uses Solid Biofuel instead of Biofuel (which has now become Packaged Liquid Biofuel).
  • Unknown patch before Alpha Test Weekend: Chainsaw AoE was added. Previously it only destroyed one object.


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