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Water Extractor.png
Default extraction rate:
120 m3 (120k liters) per minute.
Head Lift: 10 meters.
(Allows fluids to be transported 10 meters upwards.)
Extracts water from the body of water it is built on. Note that the water needs to be deep enough and rivers do not commonly suffice.
Категория Производство
Подкатегория Производство жидкостей
Использование энергии 20 МВт
Возможность разгона Да
Входы Нет
Выходы 1 Pipeline
Ширина 20
Длина 19.5
Высота Underwater: 9 m
Above water: 17 m
Total: 26
Необходимые предметы
Copper Sheet.png
Reinforced Iron Plate.png

The Water Extractor is a Building used to pump Water out of water bodies. It has one Pipeline output with a recommended head lift of 10 meters.


  • The building hitbox is about 20 m x 19.5 m, however, the space required to place it down is 25 m x 25 m. Thus, it is recommended to build the Water Extractor first, then build the Foundations (if desired) around it.
  • It cannot be snapped to Foundations (or any other building), regardless of the Foundation is built above water or underwater.
  • Sometimes, it can be difficult to place the Water Extractor down due to the depth of the water and the view angle. It is advised to stand on higher elevation such as on a Lookout Tower or ladders before building the Extractors.

Water depth[]

  • Water Extractors must be built on deep water. When building it, a warning will display if the target water is too shallow. Rivers are usually considered shallow water.
  • Water Extractors need a vertical clearance of at least nine meters below the water surface. This refers to man-made buildings only. For example, if a Foundation is located nine meters below the water level, an extractor can then be built above it.
  • There are exceptions: as the deep water area classified by the internal game code does not totally match the terrain appearance, there are some areas where Water Extractor cannot be built on them, in which case one must find another water source. However, there are some areas where you can build water extractors despite possessing an inadequate depth of water, or no water at all.
  • There is a workaround with underwater Stackable Conveyor Poles, see below.

Disallowed areas[]

  • West of the Oil Islands coast.
  • South-East of the Swamp.


While staying above ground, it can be difficult to align Water Extractors as there are no snapping points. If one desires the Water Extractor to snap to something, the following method can be applied. Please note: A Jetpack is required.

  1. Build a stack of Stackable Conveyor Poles underwater, preferably on an underwater Foundation at least 11 meters deep, up to the water surface, then climb down the ladder to the bottom of the body of water. Tap slowly to avoid swimming away.
  2. Remove one or two Stackable Conveyor Poles from the top and aim the hologram of the Water Extractor at the water surface. A point 3.75 meters away from the center of the Water Extractor will be snapped to the center point. This is 0.5 meters from the side surface of the ladder or 1.5 meters from the center of the ladder. Refer to the diagram.
  3. If you leave the ladder while in this state, you won't be floating in the water and can die of fall damage. Use the Jetpack to re-surface. If you are already on the waterbed, pressing the jump key will also return you to the swimming state.
  4. The Water Extractor pipe outlet is not at its center. It is offset by 0.75 meters to the left, so it won't align with the 1-meter grids on Foundations.
  5. The center of the Water Extractor pipe outlet is positioned at 2.5 meters above the water level.

Head lift[]

Основная статья: Head lift

A Water Extractor provides a head lift of 10 meters, measured from the center point of its pipe outlet.


Water Extractors can be overclocked by using Power Shards. At 250%, a Water Extractor produces exactly as much flow as a Pipeline Mk.1 can transport.

Overclocking/underclocking one Extractor
# of Shards Overclock % Water Power usage
0 50% 60 m3 6.6 MW
0 100% 120 m3 20 MW
1 150% 180 m3 38.8 MW
2 200% 240 m3 60.6 MW
3 250% 300 m3 86.6 MW
# of Extractors Power Shards

Per Extractor

Coal Generators sustained Water extracted Power consumed Pipes needed
1 1 4 180 m3 38.3 MW 1
3 0 8 360 m3 60 MW 2
3 2 16 720 m3 181.8 MW 3
3 3 20 900 m3 259.8 MW 3


  • Patch Now should be place-able again in water with enough depth
  • Patch Now should be place-able again in more locations (there are still some issues)
  • Patch This patch made Water Extractors no longer snap to the water surface, making them impossible to place.
  • Patch The fluid display now shows the correct amount
  • Patch Now should no longer be upgradable to Geothermal Generators
  • Patch Now should no longer be disconnected from water on load when the water volume has been replaced
  • Patch Fixed some water volumes on the map causing the Water Extractor to stop outputting. Affected Water Extractors will have to be rebuilt
  • Patch 0.3: Introduced

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