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The AWESOME Shop is a special building where  FICSIT Coupons generated from the AWESOME Sink can be spent to unlock blueprints or purchase parts for your factory. AWESOME is an acronym, which stands for "Anti-Waste Effort for Stress-Testing of Materials on Exoplanets".

There are two types of purchases:

  • One-time purchase: Blueprints for buildings and vehicles. Once purchased, they are infinitely re-usable, appearing in the build menu or crafting menus.
  • Repeatable purchases: For statues, equipment, and parts. Each time the purchase is made, N items are added to the 'Purchases' tab of the Shop which can be taken out later. The item quantity for each purchase bundle is indicated beside each item in the shop. 'Purchases' is located at the second tab of the Shop's UI.

Please do take note the order of the sold items and categories may be different between sessions as they are sorted based on unlock sequence.


For all tables below, 'Cost' refers to the quantity of Coupons required for one purchase. Player need to have sufficient Coupons in the inventory to make purchase.

It takes 1,813 Coupons to purchase every non-producible item in the AWESOME Shop, which would require 110,085,192,000 AWESOME points. This would take about 10 hours and 29 minutes at the current theoretical max awesome points per minute of 175,095,848.32 (see AWESOME Sink - Farming Points). However, it only takes 208 to unlock every unique crafting recipe, which equates to 163,289,500 AWESOME points.

Patch notes suggest further items will be added to the AWESOME shop in future releases.


Can be purchased more than once, grants items. For a selected item to become available, its recipe has to be unlocked first, except  Cup which is available from the beginning.

Name Cost Contents Notes
Advanced Ammo Pack 1 25×  Rifle Cartridge
Ammo Pack 1 25×  Spiked Rebar
Beacons 1 10×  Beacon
FICSIT™ Coffee Cup 1  Cup
'Employee of the Planet' Cup 1  'Employee of the Planet' Cup Space Elevator Phase 4 has to be completed
Color Ammo Pack 1 50×  Color Cartridge
Explosives 1 10×  Nobelisk
Gas Filters 1 25×  Gas Filter
Health Pack 1  Medicinal Inhaler
Parachutes 1 10×  Parachute
Radiation Filters 1 10×  Iodine Infused Filter

FICSIT Specials[]

Awards and Statues can be purchased more than once and grant items. Vehicles can be purchased only once and grant blueprints.

Name Cost Contents
Pioneering Awards
Adequate Pioneering 25 1× itself
Pretty Good Pioneering 50
Satisfactory Pioneering 150
Massage-2(AB)B Statues
Silver Hog 50 1× itself
Lizard Doggo 100
Confusing Creature 200
Golden Nut 1000
FICSIT Factory Cart™ 10 FICSIT Factory Cart
Golden FICSIT Factory Cart™ 50 Golden FICSIT Factory Cart
Cyber Wagon 20 Cyber Wagon
Sub Total
1655 All Specials (if bought once)

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Can be purchased more than once, grants items. In order for a selected item to become available, its recipe has to be unlocked first.

Name Cost Contents Resell points
by Sinking them
Break even at
Nth coupon
Biomass 1 200×  Biomass 2400 6
Solid Biofuel 2 200×  Solid Biofuel 9600 9
Fabric 3 100×  Fabric 14000 9
Packaged Liquid Biofuel 3 100×  Packaged Liquid Biofuel 37000 15
Cable 2 100×  Cable 2400 2
Wire 1 500×  Wire 3000 9
A. I. Limiter 3 100×  A.I. Limiter 92000 24
Quickwire 1 500×  Quickwire 8500 12
Circuit Board 3 200×  Circuit Board 139200 29
High-Speed Connector 4 100×  High-Speed Connector 377600 41
Battery 5 100×  Battery 471200 41
Concrete 1 100×  Concrete 1200 3
Black Powder 3 100×  Black Powder 5000 4
Silica 1 100×  Silica 2000 6
Iron Plate 1 100×  Iron Plate 600 6
Iron Rod 1 100×  Iron Rod 400 4
Screw 2 500×  Screw 1000 2
Copper Sheet 1 100×  Copper Sheet 2400 6
Modular Frame 4 50×  Modular Frame 20400 9
Reinforced Iron Plate 3 100×  Reinforced Iron Plate 12000 8
Steel Beam 1 100×  Steel Beam 6400 12
Steel Pipe 1 100×  Steel Pipe 2400 6
Encased Industrial Beam 3 100×  Encased Industrial Beam 63200 19
Heavy Modular Frame 6 50×  Heavy Modular Frame 576000 40
Aluminum Alclad Sheet 2 100×  Alclad Aluminum Sheet 76900 27
Rotor 3 100×  Rotor 14000 9
Stator 3 100×  Stator 24000 12
Motor 5 50×  Motor 76000 15
Heat Sink 3 100×  Heat Sink 699200 65
Turbo Motor 8 50×  Turbo Motor 12136000 168
Crystal Oscillator 4 100×  Crystal Oscillator 307200 37
Computer 6 50×  Computer 863000 50
Supercomputer 8 50×  Supercomputer 4978800 104
Oil Products
Empty Canister 2 100×  Empty Canister 6000 8
Petroleum Coke 1 200×  Petroleum Coke 4000 9
Plastic 1 100×  Plastic 7500 12
Rubber 1 100×  Rubber 6000 12
Packaged Fuel 3 100×  Packaged Fuel 27000 13
Polymer Resin 1 200×  Polymer Resin 2400 6

Note that purchasing items in the AWESOME Shop may not be worth it, as the point cost of each successive Coupon grows more expensive.


Can be purchased only once, grants blueprints.

Name Cost Contents
Indoor Lighting 3 Ceiling Light
Street Light 1 Street Light
Flood Lights 5 Flood Light Tower
Wall Mounted Flood Light
Lights Control Panel 2 Lights Control Panel
Display Sign Bundle 5 Signs:
Display Sign
Portrait Sign
Square Sign 1m
Square Sign 2m
Label Sign Bundle 2 Signs:
Label Sign 2m
Label Sign 3m
Label Sign 4m
Square Sign 0.5m
Billboard Set 10 Signs:
Small Billboard
Large Billboard
Medical Box-
Personal Storage
1 Personal Storage Box Skin:
Medical Storage Box
Hazard Box-
Personal Storage
1 Personal Storage Box Skin:
Hazard Storage Box
Sub Total
30 All Organisation Items
  • The Medical Storage Box and Hazard Storage Box are just reskins of Personal Storage Box and they are all functionally same.
  • Signs cannot be purchased until Quartz Crystal has been researched.


Can be purchased only once, grants blueprints.

Name Cost Contents
Conveyor Walls 5 Conveyor Wall x1
Conveyor Wall x2
Conveyor Wall x3
Door Walls 2 Center Door Wall
Side Door Wall
Windowed Walls 6 Single Window
Frame Window
Panel Window
Reinforced Window
Gates 3 Gate Hole Wall
Automated Gate
Tilted Walls 5 Tilted Wall 4m
Tilted Wall 8m
Tilted Corner Wall 4m
Tilted Corner Wall 8m
3 Full Frame Window
Hex Frame Window
Inverted Ramp
Wall Bundle
2 Inv. Ramp Wall 1m
Inv. Ramp Wall 2m
Inv. Ramp Wall 4m
Inv. Ramp Wall 8m
Ramp Wall
4 Ramp Wall 1m
Ramp Wall 2m
Ramp Wall 4m
Ramp Wall 8m
Sub Total
30 All Wall Items


Can be purchased only once, grants blueprints.

Name Cost Contents Notes
Conveyor Wall
2 Conveyor Wall Mount
Conveyor Lift
Floor Hole
1 Conveyor Lift Floor Hole
Wall Power
Outlets Mk.1
3 Wall Outlet
Double Wall Outlet
Wall Power
Outlets Mk.2
4 Wall Outlet Mk.2
Double Wall Outlet Mk.2
Power Pole Mk.2 has to be researched
Wall Power
Outlets Mk.3
5 Wall Outlet Mk.3
Double Wall Outlet Mk.3
Power Pole Mk.3 has to be researched
Hyper Tubes
Hypertube Floor
1 Hypertube Floor Hole Hypertubes needn't be unlocked
Hypertube Wall
2 Hypertube Wall Support
Hypertube Wall Hole
Hypertubes needn't be unlocked
Pipeline Floor
1 Pipeline Floor Hole Pipelines needn't be unlocked
Pipeline Wall
2 Pipeline Wall Support
Pipeline Wall Hole
Pipelines needn't be unlocked
Sub Total
21 All Attachment Items


Can be purchased only once, grants blueprints.

Name Cost Contents
Quarter Pipes Pack 7 Quarter Pipe
Inverted Quarter Pipe
Inner-Corner Quarter Pipe
Inverted Inner-Corner Quarter Pipe
Outer-Corner Quarter Pipe
Inverted Outer-Corner Quarter Pipe
Corner Ramp Pack 5 Down Corner Ramp 8m x 1m
Up Corner Ramp 8m x 1m
Down Corner Ramp 8m x 2m
Up Corner Ramp 8m x 2m
Down Corner Ramp 8m x 4m
Up Corner Ramp 8m x 4m
Double Ramp Pack 3 Double Ramp 8m x 2m
Double Ramp 8m x 4m
Double Ramp 8m x 8m
Inverted Corner Ramp Pack 5 Up Corner 8m x 1m Inverted
Up Corner 8m x 2m Inverted
Up Corner 8m x 4m Inverted
Down Corner 8m x 1m Inverted
Down Corner 8m x 2m Inverted
Down Corner 8m x 4m Inverted
Inverted Ramp Pack 3 Inverted Ramp 8m x 1m
Inverted Ramp 8m x 2m
Inverted Ramp 8m x 4m
Sub Total
23 All Foundation Items


Name Cost Contents
FICSIT Roofs 6 FICSIT Roof: Flat, 1m, 2m, 4m
Structural Beam
4 Beams:
Metal Beam
Painted Beam
Beam Support
Beam Connector
Beam Connector Double
Metal Pillar
2 Pillars:
Big Metal Pillar
Big Pillar Support
Small Metal Pillar
Small Pillar Support
Concrete Pillar
2 Pillars:
Big Concrete Pillar
Big Pillar Support
Small Concrete Pillar
Small Pillar Support
Frame Pillar
2 Pillars:
Big Frame Pillar
Big Pillar Support
Small Frame Pillar
Small Pillar Support
Road Barrier 1 Road Barrier
Modern Railing 1 Modern Railing
Industrial Railing 1 Industrial Railing
Structural Frame
10 Frame Floor
Glass Frame Foundation
Frame Foundation
Frame Wall
Frame Ramp
Inverted Frame Ramp
Factory Ladder 3 Ladder
Stairs 2 Stairs Left
Stairs Right
5 Walkway Straight
Walkway Ramp
Walkway Turn
Walkway T-Crossing
Walkway Crossing
Modern Catwalks 5 Catwalk Straight
Catwalk Ramp
Catwalk Turn
Catwalk T-Crossing
Catwalk Crossing
Catwalk Stairs
Sub Total
44 All Architecture Items


Name Cost Contents Notes
Roof Materials
Steel Roofs
3 Steel Roof: Flat, 1m, 2m, 4m FICSIT Roofs must be bought in the Architecture tab.
Tar Roofs
2 Tar Roof: Flat, 1m, 2m, 4m FICSIT Roofs must be bought in the Architecture tab.
Glass Roofs
5 Glass Roof: Flat, 1m, 2m, 4m FICSIT Roofs must be bought in the Architecture tab.
Foundation Materials
3 Concrete Foundation
4 Asphalt Foundation
Grip Metal
5 Grip Metal Foundation
Coated Concrete
6 Coated Foundation
Wall Materials
Concrete Wall
3 Concrete Wall
Steel Wall
5 Steel Wall
Foundation Patterns
Arrow Patterns 1 Customizer Addition - Arrow Patterns:
Straight, Left, Right, U-turn, NO! Straight, NO! Left, NO! Right
Number Patterns 2 Customizer Addition - Number Patterns:
0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
6 Customizer Addition - Pathway Patterns:
Straight, Corner, Split, Cross, Pioneer, Cart, Small Crosswalk
Factory Zone
2 Customizer Addition - Factory Zone Patterns:
Full, Half, Quarter, Line
Solid Line
5 Customizer Addition - Solid Line Patterns:
Centre, Centre Corner, Split, Cross, Side, Side Corner, Double
Dotted Line
4 Customizer Addition - Dotted Line Patterns:
Centre, Centre Corner, Split, Cross, Side, Side Corner, Double
Icon Patterns
3 Customizer Addition - Transportation Icon Patterns:
Tractor, Truck, Explorer, Factory Cart, NO! Factory Cart, Parking, NO! Parking, Large Crosswalk
Factory Icon Patterns 3 Customizer Addition - Factory Icon Patterns:
Factory, Power, Storage, Nuclear Warning, Liquid, Cross, Pioneer, NO! Pioneer
Sub Total
60 All Customizer Items
  • Note: Purchasing any pattern set also adds the Customizer function the removal of an applied pattern, which is shared among all pattern categories.


  • The text on the screens of the AWESOME Shop alternates between "AWESOME Shop", and "'The best store on the planet!"
  • All buildables together are 208 coupons as of U5



  • Patch Added Hyper Tube Floor Hole
  • Patch
    • Schematics now use dependencies, which means that they are not available for purchase until the player has unlocked the right ingredients
    • Some Coupon cost changes
    • Reorganized the Shop and added the Architecture tab to make room for the new additions of:
      • Beams, Beam Connectors and Beam Supports
      • Tilted and Ramp Walls
      • Hex Frame and Full Frame Windows
      • New Frame Types
      • Reworked Pillars and added Small Pillars, Supports and the Concrete Pillar Material
      • Automated Gate
      • 1 meter Walls
      • Roofs
      • Catwalks
      • All Patterns
      • Signs
      • Concrete Material for Walls
      • Concrete, Asphalt, Grip Metal and Coated Concrete Material for Foundations
      • Tar, Streel and Glass Material for Roofs
      • Medical and Hazard skins for the Storage Box
      • Conveyor Lift and Pipeline floor holes
      • Golden FICSIT Factory Cart
  • Patch Now can be rotated 45 degrees when placing instead of only 90 degrees
  • Patch Added 'Employee of the Planet' Cup
  • Patch Added Hyper Tube Wall Attachments, Curved Ramp & Quarter Pipe corner pieces, Inverted Ramp Corners and Double Ramps in all sizes
  • Patch
    • Now immediately switches to the Purchases tab if something is purchased that will show up there
    • UI polish (color tweaking, small fixes)
    • Now displays the correct category on opening
  • Patch 0.3: Introduced