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This article lists commonly used acronyms related to the game.

Acronym Phrase Comment
ADA Artificial Directory and Assistant ADA
AWESOME Anti-Waste Effort for Stress-Testing of Materials on Exoplanets  AWESOME Sink or  AWESOME Shop
DPF Diluted Packaged Fuel alt  Diluted Packaged Fuel
EA Early Access The Early Access release version of the game.
ECR Electromagnetic Control Rod  Electromagnetic Control Rod
EIB Encased Industrial Beam  Encased Industrial Beam
EX Experimental The most recent Experimental release of the game.
FMF Fused Modular Frame  Fused Modular Frame
HMF Heavy Modular Frame  Heavy Modular Frame
HOR Heavy Oil Residue  Heavy Oil Residue
HUB Habitat and Utility Base  The HUB
ISC Industrial Storage Container  Industrial Storage Container
MAM Molecular Analysis Machine  M.A.M.
PTSD Pioneering Tiered Schematics Directive Indirectly mentioned in the 'Construct' section on the original website. "So long as you follow the Pioneering Tiered Schematics Directive, naturally."
QC Quantum Computer  Quantum Computer
RCU Radio Control Unit  Radio Control Unit
SAM Strange Alien Metal  S.A.M. Ore
SC Storage Container  Storage Container
SO Superposition Oscillator  Superposition Oscillator
STD Save The Day Indirectly mentioned in the 'Introduction' on the original website. "As part of our brand-new Save The Day program"
TF Turbofuel  Turbofuel
TM Turbo Motor  Turbo Motor
UFR Uranium Fuel Rod  Uranium Fuel Rod