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The Alpha Hog is the larger version of Fluffy-tailed Hog that is also considerably more dangerous, dealing up to 3x the damage. Other than its larger body size, it can be distinguished by the bright edges on the back of its carapace, and its tusks (which regular hogs lack). It also emits a shockwave-like particle effect when it prepares to attack.

The Alpha Hog usually patrols around Crash Sites, Power Slugs or artifacts.


Aggressive melee creature. It is hostile towards pioneers and will charge at them. It will, however, ignore tractors (even with a player in them). If the Hog gets attacked while the player is standing on a platform out of reach of the Hog, it will flee. It has two attack patterns: A charge attack which deals 20 damage each hit, and a bite attack that deals 30 damage. Be warned, its charge attack is more difficult to dodge than that of a normal Hog. It is advised to build a temporary Ladder and shoot it with a  Rifle. If it tries to escape, you can trap it with foundations and walls.


The easiest way to kill an Alpha Hog with a basic weapon:

  • Before approaching it, build a  ladder near it.
  • Rush to the ladder and climb up. It will come and chase you as you enter its vicinity.
  • As it stops nearby, build several  Conveyor Splitters to trap it. Ensure there is no gap left; you can safely overlap the splitters when you make the trap.
    • This makes use of the fact that splitters don't encroach on each other.
  • Jump onto one of the splitters using either the ladder or Crouch-jump, then use the  Xeno-Zapper or  Xeno-Basher to kill it.
  • After it is killed, you can remove all the splitters.

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  • Unknown: Changed appearance and sounds (possibly
  • Patch 0.1.5: Made the Alpha Hog more aggressive
  • Patch 0.1:
    • Small tweaks to roar reach
    • Can no longer be staggered while charging