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Crafts two parts into another part.
Can be automated by feeding parts into it with a conveyor belt connected to the input. The produced parts can be automatically extracted by connecting a conveyor belt to the output.
Unlocked at Tier 2 - Part Assembly
Category Production
Subcategory Manufacturers
Power Usage 15 MW
Overclockable Yes
Inputs 2
Outputs 1
Dimensions (Area 150 m2)
Width 10 m
Length 15 m
Height 10 m
Required items
Reinforced Iron Plate.png
A constructor, but more! Capable of creating more complex parts out of more and more complex parts! A lot of complexity in such a deceptively small building!
~ Caterina Parks's assistant Steve

The Assembler is a building used to automate the production of two-ingredient parts. It is not capable of alloying ingots, which is done by the Foundry.

Recipes[edit | edit source]

Recipe NameCrafting Time (sec)IngredientsProducts
alt Adhered Iron Plate163x  Iron Plate11.3/min
1x  Rubber3.8/min
1x  Reinforced Iron Plate3.8/min
AI Limiter125x  Copper Sheet25.0/min
20x  Quickwire100.0/min
1x  AI Limiter5/min
Alclad Aluminum Sheet63x  Aluminum Ingot30.0/min
1x  Copper Ingot10.0/min
3x  Alclad Aluminum Sheet30/min
alt Alternate: Alclad Casing820x  Aluminum Ingot150.0/min
10x  Copper Ingot75.0/min
15x  Aluminum Casing112.5/min
Assembly Director System802x  Adaptive Control Unit1.5/min
1x  Supercomputer0.8/min
1x  Assembly Director SystemMust be crafted Manually
Automated Wiring241x  Stator2.5/min
20x  Cable50.0/min
1x  Automated Wiring2.5/min
Black Powder81x  Coal7.5/min
2x  Sulfur15.0/min
1x  Black Powder7.5/min
alt Bolted Frame243x  Reinforced Iron Plate7.5/min
56x  Screw140.0/min
2x  Modular Frame5/min
alt Bolted Iron Plate1218x  Iron Plate90.0/min
50x  Screw250.0/min
3x  Reinforced Iron Plate15/min
alt Caterium Circuit Board4810x  Plastic12.5/min
30x  Quickwire37.5/min
7x  Circuit Board8.8/min
alt Cheap Silica163x  Raw Quartz11.3/min
5x  Limestone18.8/min
7x  Silica26.3/min
Circuit Board82x  Copper Sheet15.0/min
4x  Plastic30.0/min
1x  Circuit Board7.5/min
alt Coated Iron Canister42x  Iron Plate30.0/min
1x  Copper Sheet15.0/min
4x  Empty Canister60/min
alt Coated Iron Plate1210x  Iron Ingot50.0/min
2x  Plastic10.0/min
15x  Iron Plate75/min
alt Compacted Coal125x  Coal25.0/min
5x  Sulfur25.0/min
5x  Compacted Coal25/min
alt Copper Rotor166x  Copper Sheet22.5/min
52x  Screw195.0/min
3x  Rotor11.3/min
alt Crystal Computer648x  Circuit Board7.5/min
3x  Crystal Oscillator2.8/min
3x  Computer2.8/min
alt Electric Motor161x  Electromagnetic Control Rod3.8/min
2x  Rotor7.5/min
2x  Motor7.5/min
alt Electrode Circuit Board126x  Rubber30.0/min
9x  Petroleum Coke45.0/min
1x  Circuit Board5/min
alt Electromagnetic Connection Rod152x  Stator8.0/min
1x  High-Speed Connector4.0/min
2x  Electromagnetic Control Rod8/min
Electromagnetic Control Rod303x  Stator6.0/min
2x  AI Limiter4.0/min
2x  Electromagnetic Control Rod4/min
Encased Industrial Beam104x  Steel Beam24.0/min
5x  Concrete30.0/min
1x  Encased Industrial Beam6/min
alt Encased Industrial Pipe157x  Steel Pipe28.0/min
5x  Concrete20.0/min
1x  Encased Industrial Beam4/min
Encased Plutonium Cell122x  Plutonium Pellet10.0/min
4x  Concrete20.0/min
1x  Encased Plutonium Cell5/min
Fabric41x  Mycelia15.0/min
5x  Biomass75.0/min
1x  Fabric15/min
alt Fine Black Powder162x  Sulfur7.5/min
1x  Compacted Coal3.8/min
4x  Black Powder15/min
alt Fine Concrete243x  Silica7.5/min
12x  Limestone30.0/min
10x  Concrete25/min
alt Fused Quickwire81x  Caterium Ingot7.5/min
5x  Copper Ingot37.5/min
12x  Quickwire90/min
alt Fused Wire204x  Copper Ingot12.0/min
1x  Caterium Ingot3.0/min
30x  Wire90/min
alt Heat Exchanger63x  Aluminum Casing30.0/min
3x  Rubber30.0/min
1x  Heat Sink10/min
Heat Sink85x  Alclad Aluminum Sheet37.5/min
3x  Copper Sheet22.5/min
1x  Heat Sink7.5/min
alt Insulated Cable129x  Wire45.0/min
6x  Rubber30.0/min
20x  Cable100/min
Modular Frame603x  Reinforced Iron Plate3.0/min
12x  Iron Rod12.0/min
2x  Modular Frame2/min
Motor122x  Rotor10.0/min
2x  Stator10.0/min
1x  Motor5/min
Nobelisk205x  Black Powder15.0/min
10x  Steel Pipe30.0/min
1x  Nobelisk3/min
alt OC Supercomputer203x  Radio Control Unit9.0/min
3x  Cooling System9.0/min
1x  Supercomputer3/min
alt Plutonium Fuel Unit12020x  Encased Plutonium Cell10.0/min
1x  Pressure Conversion Cube0.5/min
1x  Plutonium Fuel Rod0.5/min
Pressure Conversion Cube601x  Fused Modular Frame1.0/min
2x  Radio Control Unit2.0/min
1x  Pressure Conversion Cube1/min
alt Quickwire Cable243x  Quickwire7.5/min
2x  Rubber5.0/min
11x  Cable27.5/min
alt Quickwire Stator154x  Steel Pipe16.0/min
15x  Quickwire60.0/min
2x  Stator8/min
Reinforced Iron Plate126x  Iron Plate30.0/min
12x  Screw60.0/min
1x  Reinforced Iron Plate5/min
Rotor155x  Iron Rod20.0/min
25x  Screw100.0/min
1x  Rotor4/min
alt Rubber Concrete1210x  Limestone50.0/min
2x  Rubber10.0/min
9x  Concrete45/min
alt Silicon Circuit Board2411x  Copper Sheet27.5/min
11x  Silica27.5/min
5x  Circuit Board12.5/min
Smart Plating301x  Reinforced Iron Plate2.0/min
1x  Rotor2.0/min
1x  Smart Plating2/min
Stator123x  Steel Pipe15.0/min
8x  Wire40.0/min
1x  Stator5/min
alt Steel Coated Plate243x  Steel Ingot7.5/min
2x  Plastic5.0/min
18x  Iron Plate45/min
alt Steel Rotor122x  Steel Pipe10.0/min
6x  Wire30.0/min
1x  Rotor5/min
alt Steeled Frame602x  Reinforced Iron Plate2.0/min
10x  Steel Pipe10.0/min
3x  Modular Frame3/min
alt Stitched Iron Plate3210x  Iron Plate18.8/min
20x  Wire37.5/min
3x  Reinforced Iron Plate5.6/min
Versatile Framework241x  Modular Frame2.5/min
12x  Steel Beam30.0/min
2x  Versatile Framework5/min

The Assembler can be overclocked using Power Shards. Overclocking increases the input/output speed of the Assembler at the cost of greatly increased power demand proportional to output.

Overclocking[edit | edit source]

Main article: Clock speed

The Assembler can be overclocked using Power Shards. Overclocking increases the input/output speed of the Assembler at the cost of greatly increased power demand proportional to output.

Clock speed 25% 50% 75% 100% 150% 200% 250%
Consumption (MW) 1.63 4.95 9.47 15 28.7 45.47 64.98

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