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Beta hog

A Beta hog walking.

The Beta/Cliff Hog is a more powerful variant of the Alpha Hog found near areas of interest and rare resources. This type of Fluffy-tailed Hog introduces the rock throw attack, a dangerous long-range attack seen also in its predecessor the Nuclear Hog.

This Cliff Hog has 90 hitpoints and has two attack types, its rock throw (which deals 20 damage) and its charge attack (which deals 15 damage). The Hog also has an irradiated effect, causing nearby pioneers to suffer radiation damage if they get too close. Due to their habit to guard in and around uranium nodes, it is advised to lure them away before attacking to prevent enormous radiation damage (Or one can wear a Hazmat Suit).

When fighting the Cliff Hog it is easiest to take it at range with adequate cover using weapons such as the Rebar Gun or Rifle. A Rebar Gun loaded with Stun Rebar and the Xeno-Basher make a good combo for fighting the Cliff hog, provided you can deal with the radiation damage. Precise timing with Nobelisks can also be effective but remains challenging.

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A Beta Hog/Cliff Hog fighting an Alpha Stinger

Upon death the Cliff Hog will drop 5 Hog Remains and will continue to give off radiation damage until its corpse despawns.

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A Beta Hog attacking the Pioneer

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a Pioneer looking for the Beta Hog/Cliff Hog