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Blade Runners are leg equipment that increase the pioneer's running speed by 50% and jump height by 100%, while also dampening fall damage.

Wearing Blade Runners changes the walking and running sounds.



Blade Runners Blade Runners are unlocked via the Quartz Research chain in the MAM MAM using:
Modular Frame


Blade Runners
20 × Silica
3 × Modular Frame
Modular Frame
Equipment Workshop
Manual crafting × 20
1 × Blade Runners
Blade Runners
Quartz Research - Blade Runners
3 × Rotor



Movement Regular Blade Runners
Running speed 9 m/s
32.4 km/h
13.5 m/s
48.6 km/h
Running speed
(Bunny Hop)
12.85 m/s
46.2 km/h
19.2 m/s
69.1 km/h
Jump height 2 m 4 m
Jump height
(With Crouch/Slide)
4 m 8 m
Maximum fall without taking damage 13.5 m 20.5 m

Walking speed is unaffected. To achieve a higher jump, slide before jumping. Bunny hop refers to a series of slide-jumps instead of running normally.

Slide jumping[]

You can chain slide jumps together (which only works on flat surfaces up to very slight slopes) to achieve significant on-foot speed:

Run straight ahead → perform a crouch-jump → at the last moment before hitting the ground while still in the air crouch again to activate sliding on landing and immediately jump again.

This seems to bring up "walking" speed to almost 20m/s on level surface, or even higher boost on downhill slope. For uphill slope, this only works up to a small incline (comparable to an 8x1 ramp). You can use it to cut corners or even go reverse if performed correctly. For additional speed you can perform a slide jump atop a forward moving conveyor belt (preferably Mk.5).

It also increases jump height to 8m and jump length to 40m (on the first slide jump) respectively 48m (on subsequent slide jumps).

Fall damage reduction[]

Blade Runners cap the maximum fall damage at 96 health points or 9.6 health segments. Without the Blade Runners, the fall damage is capped at 97 instead.

It is advised to obtain this equipment as soon as possible. The pioneer will then be able to jump onto a Storage Container Storage Container or Conveyor Splitter Conveyor Splitter/Merger, which makes factory building much easier.


Blade Runners Blade Runners can be sunk into the AWESOME Sink AWESOME Sink to yield 4 088 points.

Current issues[]

  • If the FOV (Field of View) is changed from 90, the pioneer's legs will appear out of the Blade Runners. The bigger the difference of FOV, the more visible it is.
  • Blade Runners don't align with the pioneer when traveling in a Hyper Tube.



  • Patch
    • Moved the Blade Runner research from the Caterium to the Quartz research tree
    • Default recipe: Changed 50 Quickwire cost to 20 Silica
    • Now has an unique walking sound when equipped
  • Patch Closed Alpha 5.1: Tweaked Blade Runners: Sprint speed boost down to 50% from 75% and reduced the fall damage curve slightly