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The Blender is a late-game building used for a wide variety of late-game recipes involving both fluids and solid resources.

The color of the fluid in the blending chamber changes depending on the recipe chosen, eg. Cooling System makes the fluid blue.


Recipe NameCrafting Time (sec)IngredientsProducts
Battery32.5x  Sulfuric Acid50/min
2x  Alumina Solution40/min
1x  Aluminum Casing20/min
1x  Battery20/min
1.5x  Water30/min
alt Cooling Device325x  Heat Sink9.375/min
1x  Motor1.875/min
24x  Nitrogen Gas45/min
2x  Cooling System3.8/min
Cooling System102x  Heat Sink12/min
2x  Rubber12/min
5x  Water30/min
25x  Nitrogen Gas150/min
1x  Cooling System6/min
alt Diluted Fuel65x  Heavy Oil Residue50/min
10x  Water100/min
10x  Fuel100/min
Encased Uranium Cell1210x  Uranium50/min
3x  Concrete15/min
8x  Sulfuric Acid40/min
5x  Encased Uranium Cell25/min
2x  Sulfuric Acid10/min
alt Fertile Uranium125x  Uranium25/min
5x  Uranium Waste25/min
3x  Nitric Acid15/min
5x  Sulfuric Acid25/min
20x  Non-fissile Uranium100/min
8x  Water40/min
Fused Modular Frame401x  Heavy Modular Frame1.5/min
50x  Aluminum Casing75/min
25x  Nitrogen Gas37.5/min
1x  Fused Modular Frame1.5/min
alt Heat-Fused Frame201x  Heavy Modular Frame3/min
50x  Aluminum Ingot150/min
8x  Nitric Acid24/min
10x  Fuel30/min
1x  Fused Modular Frame3/min
alt Instant Scrap615x  Bauxite150/min
10x  Coal100/min
5x  Sulfuric Acid50/min
6x  Water60/min
30x  Aluminum Scrap300/min
5x  Water50/min
Nitric Acid612x  Nitrogen Gas120/min
3x  Water30/min
1x  Iron Plate10/min
3x  Nitric Acid30/min
Non-fissile Uranium2415x  Uranium Waste37.5/min
10x  Silica25/min
6x  Nitric Acid15/min
6x  Sulfuric Acid15/min
20x  Non-fissile Uranium50/min
6x  Water15/min
alt Turbo Blend Fuel82x  Fuel15/min
4x  Heavy Oil Residue30/min
3x  Sulfur22.5/min
3x  Petroleum Coke22.5/min
6x  Turbofuel45/min
Turbo Rifle Ammo
1225x  Rifle Ammo125/min
3x  Aluminum Casing15/min
3x  Turbofuel15/min
50x  Turbo Rifle Ammo250/min


Main article: Clock speed

The Blender can be overclocked using Power Shards. Overclocking increases the input/output speed of the Blender at the cost of exponentially increased power demand.

Clock speed 25% 50% 75% 100% 150% 200% 250%
Consumption (MW) 8.16 24.74 47.33 75 143.49 227.36 324.91


The Blender stops working if either of its outputs backs up, similar to a Refinery. To keep the Blender running, All its products must be constantly removed from it.

Head lift[]

Main article: Head lift

The Blender has a recommended head lift of 10 meters, measured from the center of its Pipeline output.