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The Boom Box is a piece of equipment that can be unlocked through the AWESOME Shop. It can play Boom Box Tapes, some of which are obtained in the AWESOME Shop, while select others have to be discovered in the world.

Once a tape is obtained, either by purchase in the AWESOME Shop or by finding it somewhere on the map, it is automatically added to the Boom Box, allowing it to be played.

Additionally, the Boom Box has a Turbo Bass™ feature, which deals 1 damage and massive knockback to creatures within 60 meters. Since Flying Crabs only have 1 HP, it kills them instantly, making the Boom Box a very effective weapon against them. As the firing rate of Turbo Bass is slow compared to the respawn rate of crabs, it is recommended to pair with other weapons to kill the crab hatcher quickly. Crab Hatcher cannot be damaged by Boombox.



Boom Box Boom Box is unlocked via the AWESOME Shop AWESOME Shop using:
  • Once purchased, the Boom Box will appear in the 'Purchases' tab of the AWESOME Shop



The Worst of Goat Simulator tape is free to claim in the AWESOME Shop, while each other Tape costs 1 FICSIT Coupon FICSIT Coupon.

Name Tracklist Description
Absolute Ficsit
  1. Tier 1
  2. Nostalgium
  3. Hyperfocus
  4. Song 04
The most efficient music in the universe.
Worst of Goat Simulator
(Goat Music)
  1. Desert Chill
  2. Goat Chill
  3. Goat Storm
  4. Goatshire
  5. Waste Of Space
22 minutes and 47 seconds of goat-fi beats to chill/ eat grass to.
By goats, for goats.
Joel Syntholm
  1. Cave Flowers
  2. Me And My Golf Cart
  3. Stoffes Theme
The only music that can legally be listened to while driving around in a FICSIT Factory Cart™.
Anything else is in direct violation of FICSIT Code of Conduct section J-0 paragraph 3-L and will result in eventual extinguishment.
Classic Michael
  1. The Call Me Lillboxen
  2. Classic Michael
  3. Milky Mchousecat
The tape that doesn't need an introduction.
  1. Core Guardians
  2. Explorer
  3. Loek 3
  4. Skye's Theme
  5. The Wanderers
Sanctum 2
  1. Impending Doom
  2. Ruins Of Brightholme
  3. Skye's Theme
  4. Stellar
  5. The Invasion


Name Tracklist Obtaining
Deep Rock Galactic
  1. Deceived By Light
  2. Follow Molly
  3. Lets Go Deeper
  4. Ode To The Fallen
  5. Robot Getaway
Inside a cave behind the waterfall in Jungle Spires between the twin lakes with 4 Coal resource nodes nearby, bordering the Snaketree Forest.

Location: -1257, 1687 with the in-game map.

The waterfall is inbetween the two lakes.

Songs of Conquest
  1. Main Theme
  2. Adventure4
  3. Adventure5
  4. Adventure6
  5. Adventure12
In a crater in northeastern Crater Lakes, near the Lake Forest lake visited by the Giant Flying Manta.

Location: -371, -607 with the in-game map.

  1. Huntdown Main
  2. Wolf Cubs
  3. Game Day
  4. New Hunting Grounds
  5. Goons Of Tommorow
On top of the plateau in eastern Spire Coast/western Dune Desert, above the lake.

Location: 1981, -1886 with the in-game map.


Translation strings hint at several other tapes, which don't appear to be obtainable in-game:

  • Absolute Hits 94
  • Child Playing Piano
  • Lasse Stefans
  • Lost Promotional Music
  • Modular Methology


  • Place Boom Box in Hand Body Slot.

Playing Tapes[]

  • While holding the Boombox in their hand, the Pioneer needs to press R to select which Tape they want to play.

Use Turbo Bass Weapon[]

  • While holding the Boom Box in their hand, the Pioneer needs to press the Right Button to fire Turbo Bass Weapon.


Boom Box Boom Box cannot be sunk into the AWESOME Sink AWESOME Sink and will clog the input.


  • The player does a small hop while activating Turbo Bass™. Jumping or slide jumping right before will noticeably propel the player forward, especially when Blade Runners are equipped.


  • The stickers that appear on the Boom Box are the same stickers that are sold on[citation needed]
  • The Boom Box has the text " FICSIT Automated Sound System " displayed on it, which when abbreviated becomes "FICSIT ASS" [1]
  • Most of the Cassette Tapes are based off of past Coffee Stain Studios games[2]
  • There are no current plans to add Spotify sync or the ability to play your own music.[3][4]