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An Assembler, one of many buildings in Satisfactory.

A building is any structure that an pioneer can place using the Build Gun. Buildings can be painted using the Color Gun. Buildings have no hitpoints, they also do not deteriorate over time.

Most buildings require electricity to operate.


Different building tech will be unlockable via multiple means, such as by unlocking milestones or by gaining access to new resources while exploring the world.[1] Once unlocked, new buildings will be highlighted in the build menu until the pioneer hovers the mouse over them.

Clock speed[]

Main article: Clock speed

This is a simple guide on the basics of clock speed. See clock speed for a more in-depth look at overclocking and underclocking buildings.

  • The clock speed of production and power buildings, such as the Constructor or Biomass Burner, can be changed to any integers between 1% and 100% clock speed. Up to 4 decimals are supported for clock speed, but it can't go below 1%. The production rate of either products or power can become a decimal at certain levels of efficiency.
  • To increase a building's clock speed past 100%, a power shard is required. Each production or power building has 3 slots for power shards, which increase the power use to 150%, 200%, and 250%. This is known as overclocking, and increases the production rates and power output of these buildings, but will also require more resources to produce at maximum efficiency, as well as requiring much more power in order to operate.

Production buildings' clock speed[]

  • For production buildings, a lower clock speed allows them to operate slower at a much lower power consumption level. Underclocking a building like this is very effective for factory designs that require a numbers of production buildings that is not a whole number, and in most cases saves power consumption and power shards at the cost of more buildings needing to be built. Overclocking buildings up to 250% is the other solution for this problem, as a single building can produce the same amount as two buildings if put at 200%. However, overclocking in a large scale factory will eventually lead to a much higher power consumption in most cases, compared to using more underclocked buildings.
  • It is strongly advised to avoid using power shards in production buildings, as it is always possible to build more buildings, instead of having to use the limited number of power shards in the world.

Power buildings' clock speed[]

  • For power buildings, more or less power can be produced at the cost of increased or decreased fuel burn time. However, it is strongly advised to also not use power shards in power buildings. There is an even more substantial cost of both power consumption as well as fuel consumption when overclocking power buildings, and as said before, there are a limited number of power shards in the world, so it's always a much more recommended idea to just build more power buildings instead.

Extractor buildings' clock speed[]

  • The two Extractor buildings, Miners and Oil Extractors, also can be overclocked and underclocked. The numbers for overclocking these buildings can be found on their respective pages, and these numbers in most cases correlate well with the Conveyor Belt mks.
  • It is highly recommended to save your power shards that you craft to use in your extractor buildings. These buildings can only be placed on the limited number of nodes in the game, so it is a good idea to try and get the highest number of resources per minute out of each node.
    • This is especially true for the much rarer nodes in the game, like the three total Uranium nodes, so that you can produce as much product as possible.

Creature respawning[]

If there are 5 or more structures within 300 meters, creatures will not respawn after being killed. Foundations and power poles count towards this as well.

List of buildings[]

Recipe NameCrafting Time (sec)IngredientsProducts
3x  Iron Plate
3x  Concrete
 Center Door Wall (Plating)
3x  Iron Plate
3x  Concrete
 Center Door Wall (Sheet Metal)
5x  Concrete
 Down Corner 8m x 1m Inverted
5x  Concrete
 Down Corner 8m x 2m Inverted
5x  Concrete
 Down Corner 8m x 4m Inverted
2x  Concrete
 Down Corner Ramp 8m x 1m
3x  Concrete
 Down Corner Ramp 8m x 2m
4x  Concrete
 Down Corner Ramp 8m x 4m
5x  Iron Rod
6x  Concrete
 Foundation 8m x 1m
6x  Concrete
 Foundation 8m x 2m
6x  Concrete
 Foundation 8m x 4m
6x  Concrete
 Frame Foundation 8m x 4m
3x  Iron Plate
3x  Concrete
 Frame Window
3x  Iron Plate
3x  Concrete
 Gate Wall
6x  Concrete
 Glass Foundation 8m x 1m
6x  Concrete
 Inner-Corner Quarter Pipe
6x  Concrete
 Inverted Inner-Corner Quarter Pipe
6x  Concrete
 Inverted Outer-Corner Quarter Pipe
6x  Concrete
 Inverted Quarter Pipe
5x  Concrete
 Inverted Ramp 8m x 1m
5x  Concrete
 Inverted Ramp 8m x 2m
5x  Concrete
 Inverted Ramp 8m x 4m
3x  Iron Plate
3x  Concrete
 Left Door Wall (Plating)
3x  Iron Plate
3x  Concrete
 Left Door Wall (Sheet Metal)
6x  Concrete
 Outer-Corner Quarter Pipe
3x  Iron Plate
3x  Concrete
 Panel Window
6x  Concrete
 Pillar Base
6x  Concrete
 Pillar Middle
6x  Concrete
 Pillar Top
6x  Concrete
 Quarter Pipe
3x  Concrete
 Ramp 8m x 1m
4x  Concrete
 Ramp 8m x 2m
5x  Concrete
 Ramp 8m x 2m
5x  Concrete
 Ramp 8m x 4m
5x  Concrete
 Ramp 8m x 4m
5x  Concrete
x20px Ramp 8m x 8m
3x  Iron Plate
3x  Concrete
 Reinforced Window
3x  Iron Plate
3x  Concrete
 Right Door Wall (Plating)
3x  Iron Plate
3x  Concrete
 Right Door Wall (Sheet Metal)
3x  Iron Plate
3x  Concrete
 Single Window
6x  Concrete
 Stairs Left
6x  Concrete
 Stairs Right
5x  Concrete
 Up Corner 8m x 1m Inverted
5x  Concrete
 Up Corner 8m x 2m Inverted
5x  Concrete
 Up Corner 8m x 4m Inverted
2x  Concrete
 Up Corner Ramp 8m x 1m
3x  Concrete
 Up Corner Ramp 8m x 2m
4x  Concrete
 Up Corner Ramp 8m x 4m
3x  Iron Plate
3x  Concrete
 Wall (Plating)
3x  Iron Plate
3x  Concrete
 Wall (Sheet Metal)
3x  Iron Plate
3x  Concrete
 Wall Conveyor x1 (Plating)
3x  Iron Plate
3x  Concrete
 Wall Conveyor x1 (Sheet Metal)
3x  Iron Plate
3x  Concrete
 Wall Conveyor x2 (Plating)
3x  Iron Plate
3x  Concrete
 Wall Conveyor x2 (Sheet Metal)
3x  Iron Plate
3x  Concrete
 Wall Conveyor x3 (Plating)
3x  Iron Plate
3x  Concrete
 Wall Conveyor x3 (Sheet Metal)
Assembler8x  Reinforced Iron Plate
4x  Rotor
10x  Cable
AWESOME Shop200x  Screw
10x  Iron Plate
30x  Cable
AWESOME Sink15x  Reinforced Iron Plate
30x  Cable
45x  Concrete
Biomass Burner15x  Iron Plate
15x  Iron Rod
25x  Wire
 Biomass Burner
Blender20x  Motor
10x  Heavy Modular Frame
50x  Aluminum Casing
5x  Radio Control Unit
Ceiling Light20x  Quartz Crystal
16x  Wire
6x  Steel Beam
 Ceiling Light
Coal Generator20x  Reinforced Iron Plate
10x  Rotor
30x  Cable
 Coal Generator
Constructor2x  Reinforced Iron Plate
8x  Cable
Conveyor Belt Mk.11x  Iron Plate
 Conveyor Belt Mk.1
Conveyor Belt Mk.21x  Reinforced Iron Plate
 Conveyor Belt Mk.2
Conveyor Belt Mk.31x  Steel Beam
 Conveyor Belt Mk.3
Conveyor Belt Mk.41x  Encased Industrial Beam
 Conveyor Belt Mk.4
Conveyor Belt Mk.51x  Alclad Aluminum Sheet
 Conveyor Belt Mk.5
Conveyor Lift Mk.12x  Iron Plate
 Conveyor Lift Mk.1
Conveyor Lift Mk.22x  Reinforced Iron Plate
 Conveyor Lift Mk.2
Conveyor Lift Mk.32x  Steel Beam
 Conveyor Lift Mk.3
Conveyor Lift Mk.42x  Encased Industrial Beam
 Conveyor Lift Mk.4
Conveyor Lift Mk.52x  Alclad Aluminum Sheet
 Conveyor Lift Mk.5
Conveyor Merger2x  Iron Plate
2x  Iron Rod
 Conveyor Merger
Conveyor Pole1x  Iron Rod
1x  Iron Plate
1x  Concrete
 Conveyor Pole
Conveyor Splitter2x  Iron Plate
2x  Cable
 Conveyor Splitter
Conveyor Wall Mount2x  Iron Rod
2x  Iron Plate
2x  Concrete
 Conveyor Wall Mount
Craft Bench3x  Iron Plate
3x  Iron Rod
 Craft Bench
Craft Bench3x  Iron Plate
3x  Iron Rod
 Craft Bench
Double Wall Outlet Mk.18x  Wire
2x  Iron Rod
 Double Wall Outlet Mk.1
Double Wall Outlet Mk.216x  Quickwire
4x  Iron Rod
 Double Wall Outlet Mk.2
Double Wall Outlet Mk.36x  High-Speed Connector
6x  Steel Pipe
 Double Wall Outlet Mk.3
Drone4x  Motor
10x  Alclad Aluminum Sheet
1x  Radio Control Unit
2x  AI Limiter
1x  Portable Miner
Drone Port20x  Heavy Modular Frame
20x  High-Speed Connector
50x  Alclad Aluminum Sheet
50x  Aluminum Casing
10x  Radio Control Unit
 Drone Port
Electric Locomotive5x  Heavy Modular Frame
10x  Motor
15x  Steel Pipe
5x  Computer
5x  Beacon
 Electric Locomotive
Empty Platform6x  Heavy Modular Frame
50x  Concrete
 Empty Platform
Equipment Workshop6x  Iron Plate
4x  Iron Rod
 Equipment Workshop
Flood Light Tower10x  Quartz Crystal
4x  Copper Sheet
8x  Encased Industrial Beam
 Flood Light Tower
Fluid Buffer10x  Copper Sheet
5x  Modular Frame
 Fluid Buffer
Fluid Freight Platform6x  Heavy Modular Frame
2x  Computer
50x  Concrete
25x  Cable
5x  Motor
 Fluid Freight Platform
Foundry10x  Modular Frame
10x  Rotor
20x  Concrete
Freight Car4x  Heavy Modular Frame
10x  Steel Pipe
 Freight Car
Freight Platform6x  Heavy Modular Frame
2x  Computer
50x  Concrete
25x  Cable
5x  Motor
 Freight Platform
Hyper Tube Entrance4x  Encased Industrial Beam
4x  Rotor
10x  Steel Pipe
 Hyper Tube Entrance
Hyper Tube Support2x  Iron Plate
2x  Concrete
 Hyper Tube Support
Hyper Tube Wall Hole2x  Iron Plate
2x  Concrete
 Hyper Tube Wall Hole
Hyper Tube Wall Support2x  Iron Plate
2x  Concrete
 Hyper Tube Wall Support
Industrial Fluid Buffer30x  Plastic
3x  Heavy Modular Frame
 Industrial Fluid Buffer
Industrial Storage Container20x  Steel Beam
20x  Steel Pipe
 Industrial Storage Container
Jump Pad2x  Rotor
15x  Iron Plate
10x  Cable
 Jump Pad
Ladder2x  Iron Rod
Lights Control Panel10x  Cable
5x  Reinforced Iron Plate
20x  Quartz Crystal
 Lights Control Panel
Lookout Tower5x  Iron Plate
5x  Iron Rod
 Lookout Tower
MAM5x  Reinforced Iron Plate
15x  Cable
45x  Wire
Manufacturer5x  Motor
10x  Heavy Modular Frame
50x  Cable
50x  Plastic
Miner Mk.11x  Portable Miner
10x  Iron Plate
10x  Concrete
 Miner Mk.1
Miner Mk.22x  Portable Miner
10x  Encased Industrial Beam
20x  Steel Pipe
10x  Modular Frame
 Miner Mk.2
Miner Mk.33x  Portable Miner
50x  Steel Pipe
5x  Supercomputer
10x  Fused Modular Frame
3x  Turbo Motor
 Miner Mk.3
Oil Extractor15x  Motor
20x  Encased Industrial Beam
60x  Cable
 Oil Extractor
Packager20x  Steel Beam
10x  Rubber
10x  Plastic
PAGENAME5x  Crystal Oscillator
5x  Motor
15x  Beacon
5x  Heavy Modular Frame
PAGENAME5x  Computer
10x  Heavy Modular Frame
15x  Motor
50x  Rubber
50x  Quickwire
 Fuel Generator
PAGENAME1x  Copper Sheet
1x  Steel Pipe
 Hyper Tube
PAGENAME250x  Concrete
25x  Heavy Modular Frame
5x  Supercomputer
100x  Cable
100x  Alclad Aluminum Sheet
 Nuclear Power Plant
PAGENAME100x  Wire
10x  Modular Frame
5x  Stator
 Power Storage
PAGENAME10x  Motor
10x  Encased Industrial Beam
30x  Steel Pipe
20x  Copper Sheet
PAGENAME2x  Reinforced Iron Plate
2x  Rotor
1x  AI Limiter
 Smart Splitter
PAGENAME5x  Modular Frame
5x  Beacon
10x  Rotor
PAGENAME4x  Heavy Modular Frame
8x  Computer
50x  Concrete
25x  Cable
 Train Station
PAGENAME15x  Modular Frame
20x  Rotor
50x  Cable
 Truck Station
Particle Accelerator25x  Radio Control Unit
100x  Electromagnetic Control Rod
10x  Supercomputer
50x  Cooling System
20x  Fused Modular Frame
10x  Turbo Motor
 Particle Accelerator
Personal Storage Box6x  Iron Plate
6x  Iron Rod
 Personal Storage Box
Pipeline Junction Cross5x  Copper Sheet
 Pipeline Junction Cross
Pipeline Mk.11x  Copper Sheet
 Pipeline Mk.1
Pipeline Mk.22x  Copper Sheet
1x  Plastic
 Pipeline Mk.2
Pipeline Pump Mk.12x  Copper Sheet
2x  Rotor
 Pipeline Pump Mk.1
Pipeline Pump Mk.22x  Motor
4x  Encased Industrial Beam
8x  Plastic
 Pipeline Pump Mk.2
Pipeline Support2x  Iron Plate
2x  Concrete
 Pipeline Support
Pipeline Wall Hole2x  Iron Rod
1x  Iron Plate
2x  Concrete
 Pipeline Wall Hole
Pipeline Wall Support2x  Iron Rod
1x  Iron Plate
2x  Concrete
 Pipeline Wall Support
Power Line1x  Cable
 Power Line
Power Pole Mk.13x  Wire
1x  Iron Rod
1x  Concrete
 Power Pole Mk.1
Power Pole Mk.26x  Quickwire
2x  Iron Rod
2x  Concrete
 Power Pole Mk.2
Power Pole Mk.32x  High-Speed Connector
2x  Steel Pipe
3x  Rubber
 Power Pole Mk.3
Power Storage100x  Wire
20x  Steel Beam
5x  Modular Frame
 Power Storage
Power Switch20x  Quickwire
4x  Steel Beam
1x  AI Limiter
 Power Switch
Programmable Splitter1x  Heavy Modular Frame
1x  Motor
1x  Supercomputer
 Programmable Splitter
Radar Tower30x  Heavy Modular Frame
30x  Crystal Oscillator
20x  Beacon
100x  Cable
 Radar Tower
Railway1x  Steel Pipe
1x  Steel Beam
Resource Well Extractor10x  Steel Beam
10x  Plastic
 Resource Well Extractor
Resource Well Extractor10x  Steel Beam
10x  Plastic
 Resource Well Extractor
Resource Well Pressurizer200x  Wire
50x  Rubber
50x  Encased Industrial Beam
50x  Motor
 Resource Well Pressurizer
Resource Well Pressurizer200x  Wire
50x  Rubber
50x  Plastic
50x  Motor
 Resource Well Pressurizer
Smelter5x  Iron Rod
8x  Wire
Space Elevator500x  Concrete
250x  Iron Plate
400x  Iron Rod
1500x  Wire
 Space Elevator
Stackable Conveyor Pole2x  Iron Rod
2x  Iron Plate
2x  Concrete
 Stackable Conveyor Pole
Stackable Hyper Tube Support4x  Iron Plate
2x  Iron Rod
2x  Concrete
 Stackable Hyper Tube Support
Stackable Pipeline Support4x  Iron Plate
2x  Iron Rod
2x  Concrete
 Stackable Pipeline Support
Storage Container10x  Iron Plate
10x  Iron Rod
 Storage Container
Street Light2x  Quartz Crystal
4x  Wire
4x  Iron Rod
 Street Light
The HUB1x  HUB Parts
 The HUB
Truck8x  Motor
10x  Computer
4x  Heavy Modular Frame
50x  Rubber
10x  Beacon
U-Jelly Landing Pad2x  Rotor
20x  Cable
200x  Biomass
 U-Jelly Landing Pad
Valve4x  Rubber
4x  Steel Beam
Walkway Crossing2x  Iron Rod
1x  Iron Plate
 Walkway Crossing
Walkway Ramp2x  Iron Rod
1x  Iron Plate
 Walkway Ramp
Walkway Straight2x  Iron Rod
1x  Iron Plate
 Walkway Straight
Walkway T-Crossing2x  Iron Rod
1x  Iron Plate
 Walkway T-Crossing
Walkway Turn2x  Iron Rod
1x  Iron Plate
 Walkway Turn
Wall Mounted Flood Light10x  Quartz Crystal
4x  Copper Sheet
2x  Encased Industrial Beam
 Wall Mounted Flood Light
Wall Outlet Mk.14x  Wire
1x  Iron Rod
 Wall Outlet Mk.1
Wall Outlet Mk.28x  Quickwire
2x  Iron Rod
 Wall Outlet Mk.2
Wall Outlet Mk.33x  High-Speed Connector
3x  Steel Pipe
 Wall Outlet Mk.3
Water Extractor20x  Copper Sheet
10x  Reinforced Iron Plate
10x  Rotor
 Water Extractor

Building Width (m) Length (m) Height (m)
 Assembler 10 15 10
 AWESOME Shop 4 6 5
 AWESOME Sink 16 13 24
 Biomass Burner 8 8 7
 Blender 18 16 15
 Ceiling Light 12 12 1
 Coal Generator 10 26 36
 Constructor 8 10 8
 Conveyor Belt Mk.1 2 1–56 1
 Conveyor Belt Mk.2 2 1–56 1
 Conveyor Belt Mk.3 2 1–56 1
 Conveyor Belt Mk.4 2 1–56 1
 Conveyor Belt Mk.5 2 1–56 1
 Conveyor Lift Mk.1 2 2 7–51
 Conveyor Lift Mk.2 2 2 7–51
 Conveyor Lift Mk.3 2 2 7–51
 Conveyor Lift Mk.4 2 2 7–51
 Conveyor Lift Mk.5 2 2 7–51
 Conveyor Merger 4 4 2n+1
 Conveyor Pole 2 1 (1/3/5/7)
 Conveyor Splitter 4 4 2n+1
 Conveyor Wall Mount 2 1 1
 Craft Bench 6 3 3
 Cyber Wagon 0 0 0
 Double Wall Outlet Mk.1 1 1 1
 Double Wall Outlet Mk.2 1 1 1
 Double Wall Outlet Mk.3 1 1 1
 Drone 16 6 3
 Drone Port 24 24 15
 Electric Locomotive 6 16 6
 Empty Platform 30 16 1
 Equipment Workshop 10 7 5
 Explorer 0 0 0
 Flood Light Tower 8 8 34
 Fluid Buffer 6 6 8
 Fluid Freight Platform 30 16 20
x20px Foundation 88m x 1m 8 8 1
 Foundation 8m x 1m 8 8 1
 Foundry 10 9 9
 Freight Car 6 16 6
 Freight Platform 32 16 20
 Fuel Generator 20 20 27
 Hyper Tube 2 1–100 2
 Hyper Tube Entrance 2 1 2
 Hyper Tube Support 2 1 (1/3/5/7)+2
 Hyper Tube Wall Hole 2 1 2
 Hyper Tube Wall Support 2 1 2
 Industrial Fluid Buffer 14 14 12
 Industrial Storage Container 5 10 8
 Jump Pad 6 6 6
 Ladder 1 0.5 3–21
 Lights Control Panel 1 2 3
 Lookout Tower 9 9 24
 MAM 5 9 6
 Manufacturer 18 19 12
 Miner Mk.1 6 14 18
 Miner Mk.2 6 14 18
 Miner Mk.3 6 14 18
 Nuclear Power Plant 38 43 49
 Oil Extractor 12 20 20
 Packager 8 8 12
 Particle Accelerator 24 38 32
 Personal Storage Box 2 1 1
 Pipeline Junction Cross 4 4 2
 Pipeline Mk.1 2 1–50 2
 Pipeline Mk.2 2 1–50 2
 Pipeline Pump Mk.1 2 4 2
 Pipeline Pump Mk.2 2 5 2
 Pipeline Support 2 1 (1/3/5/7)+2
 Pipeline Wall Hole 2 1 2
 Pipeline Wall Support 2 1 2
 Power Line 0 1–100 0
 Power Pole Mk.1 1 1 7
 Power Pole Mk.2 1 1 8
 Power Pole Mk.3 1 1 9
 Power Storage 6 6 12
 Power Switch 2 1 3
 Programmable Splitter 4 4 2n+1
 Radar Tower 10 10 118
 Railway 6 12–100 1
 Refinery 10 20 31
 Resource Well Extractor 4 4 5
 Resource Well Pressurizer 20 20 23
 Smart Splitter 4 4 2n+1
 Smelter 6 9 9
 Space Elevator 54 54 118
 Stackable Conveyor Pole 2 1 2n+1
 Stackable Hyper Tube Support 2 1 2n+2
 Stackable Pipeline Support 1 2 2n+2
 Storage Container 5 10 4
 Street Light 1 1 10
 The HUB 14 26 28
 Tractor 0 0 0
 Train Station 32 16 20
 Truck 0 0 0
 Truck Station 16 22 12
 U-Jelly Landing Pad 10 11 5
 Valve 2 2 2
 Walkway Crossing 4 4 1
 Walkway Ramp 4 4 3
 Walkway Straight 4 4 2
 Walkway T-Crossing 4 4 2
 Walkway Turn 4 4 2
 Wall Mounted Flood Light 1 8 5
 Wall Outlet Mk.1 1 1 1
 Wall Outlet Mk.2 1 1 1
 Wall Outlet Mk.3 1 1 1
 Water Extractor 20 19.5 26

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