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There are a number of resource files that are included with public build versions of Satisfactory to assist with various community projects surrounding the game. These include a zip file containing a list of header files for the various elements of the game as well as a .json file containing useful information about all aspects of the game. All of these resources are used for different community projects surrounding the game such as; modding and some of the calculator and mapping applications.

File locations[]

These files are located in the install location of your game (not in the save file location), by default this location is as follows:

Steam: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Satisfactory\CommunityResources

Epic: C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\SatisfactoryEarlyAccess\CommunityResources

(NOTE: if your game is installed in a different location replace "C:\Program Files (x86)\" with your game's install location)

Header files[]

Header Files are useful for modding.

Docs.json file[]

The docs.json file has a lot of useful information in .json format so that it can be parsed by the various tools that parse this file to keep themselves up to date (including this wiki).

This information is separated into various categories, including Item Descriptions, consumable equipment information (e.g. Berries, Medical Inhalers), information on player equipment (e.g. Xeno-Basher, Jetpack), information on unlockables (schematics) as well as information on some of the various buildings that are in the game. This file is intended to make producing tools as painless as possible as well as making it possible to automate the process of keeping them up to date, because of that it is quite exhaustive in the information it contains.

This file can be read with any text editor like windows notepad or Notepad++, however the file that ships with the game is contained all in a single line with no spaces, if you wish to read through it yourself it is recommended to use Notepad++ with a .json formatting plugin that can re-arrange everything into a more human readable format.


The first version of the docs.json file was shared by developer Markus Rannare in the now defunct Closed Alpha discord server on the 20/01/2019. This file contained a lot of information on dropped, prototype and (at the time) unreleased features and once players noticed this it was quickly removed and replaced with a more sanitized version of the file that had that information removed. The first few versions of the file were manually generated and distributed with the game, although subsequent versions of the file are automatically generated as the game is compiled and included with the distribution and updates of the game.

A download location for the first version of the docs.json file has been included at the bottom of this section, please be aware that the information contained in this file is a reflection of the state of the game in very early 2019, and the vast majority of the information in it (including everything from item recipes and stack sizes to the buildings in the game), is very possibly outdated.

See also[]

  • A download link for the first version of the docs.json file can be found here.
  • The current version of the docs.json file in use on the wiki can be found here.