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There to help you automate the creation of single parts out of other single parts. A step up from manual labor if I’ve ever seen one!
~ Caterina Parks's assistant Steve

The Constructor is a building used to automate the production of single-ingredient parts.


Recipe NameCrafting Time (sec)IngredientsProducts
Biomass (Alien Carapace)41x  Alien Carapace15/min
100x  Biomass1500/min
Biomass (Alien Organs)81x  Alien Organs7.5/min
200x  Biomass1500/min
Actual Snow
125x  FICSMAS Gift25/min
2x  Actual Snow10/min
Aluminum Casing23x  Aluminum Ingot90/min
2x  Aluminum Casing60/min
alt Biocoal85x  Biomass37.5/min
6x  Coal45/min
Biomass (Alien Protein)
41x  Alien Protein15/min
100x  Biomass1500/min
Biomass (Leaves)510x  Leaves120/min
5x  Biomass60/min
Biomass (Mycelia)410x  Mycelia150/min
10x  Biomass150/min
Biomass (Wood)44x  Wood60/min
20x  Biomass300/min
Cable22x  Wire60/min
1x  Cable30/min
Candy Cane
123x  FICSMAS Gift15/min
1x  Candy Cane5/min
alt Cast Screw245x  Iron Ingot12.5/min
20x  Screw50/min
alt Caterium Wire41x  Caterium Ingot15/min
8x  Wire120/min
alt Charcoal41x  Wood15/min
10x  Coal150/min
Color Cartridge85x  Flower Petals37.5/min
10x  Color Cartridge75/min
Color Cartridge
65x  Flower Petals50/min
10x  Color Cartridge100/min
Concrete43x  Limestone45/min
1x  Concrete15/min
Copper Powder630x  Copper Ingot300/min
5x  Copper Powder50/min
Copper Sheet62x  Copper Ingot20/min
1x  Copper Sheet10/min
Empty Canister42x  Plastic30/min
4x  Empty Canister60/min
Empty Fluid Tank11x  Aluminum Ingot60/min
1x  Empty Fluid Tank60/min
122x  FICSMAS Gift10/min
1x  FICSMAS Bow5/min
FICSMAS Tree Branch
61x  FICSMAS Gift10/min
1x  FICSMAS Tree Branch10/min
Hatcher Protein
31x  Hatcher Remains20/min
1x  Alien Protein20/min
Hog Protein
31x  Hog Remains20/min
1x  Alien Protein20/min
Iron Plate63x  Iron Ingot30/min
2x  Iron Plate20/min
Iron Rod41x  Iron Ingot15/min
1x  Iron Rod15/min
alt Iron Wire245x  Iron Ingot12.5/min
9x  Wire22.5/min
Organic Data Capsule
61x  Alien Protein10/min
1x  Organic Data Capsule10/min
Power Shard (1)81x  Blue Power Slug7.5/min
1x  Power Shard7.5/min
Power Shard (2)121x  Yellow Power Slug5/min
2x  Power Shard10/min
Power Shard (5)241x  Purple Power Slug2.5/min
5x  Power Shard12.5/min
Quartz Crystal85x  Raw Quartz37.5/min
3x  Quartz Crystal22.5/min
Quickwire51x  Caterium Ingot12/min
5x  Quickwire60/min
Screw61x  Iron Rod10/min
4x  Screw40/min
Silica83x  Raw Quartz22.5/min
5x  Silica37.5/min
123x  Actual Snow15/min
1x  Snowball5/min
Solid Biofuel48x  Biomass120/min
4x  Solid Biofuel60/min
Spiked Rebar (Iron Rebar)41x  Iron Rod15/min
1x  Spiked Rebar15/min
Spitter Protein
31x  Plasma Spitter Remains20/min
1x  Alien Protein20/min
Steel Beam44x  Steel Ingot60/min
1x  Steel Beam15/min
alt Steel Canister33x  Steel Ingot60/min
2x  Empty Canister40/min
Steel Pipe63x  Steel Ingot30/min
2x  Steel Pipe20/min
alt Steel Rod51x  Steel Ingot12/min
4x  Iron Rod48/min
alt Steel Screw121x  Steel Beam5/min
52x  Screw260/min
Stinger Protein
31x  Stinger Remains20/min
1x  Alien Protein20/min
Wire41x  Copper Ingot15/min
2x  Wire30/min

The Constructor can be overclocked using Power Shards. Overclocking increases the input/output speed of the Constructor at the cost of greatly increased power demand proportional to output.


Main article: Clock speed

The Constructor can be overclocked using Power Shards. Overclocking increases the input/output speed of the Constructor at the cost of exponentially increased power demand.

Clock speed 25% 50% 75% 100% 150% 200% 250%
Consumption (MW) 0.44 1.32 2.52 4 7.65 12.13 17.33



The serial numbers on the model translate to "Constructor" and "I stamp" in leet speak.


  • Patch Power Shards production times changed to work better with Constructor sounds
  • Patch 0.3:
    • Manufacturing UIs (Constructor, Assembler, Manufacturer, etc.) now display all recipes in categories similar to the Craft Bench
    • Clearance tweaks for Foundry, Constructor & Smelter
  • Patch Added some measures to prevent a rare “Floor is too steep” error when building the Constructor
  • Patch 0.1.9: Adjusted alignments of I/O:s on Constructors

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