Satisfactory Wiki

This is a list of the default Controls / Keybindings:

Note : for controller support, make sure your system language preferences are set as US keyboard

Keyboard/Mouse Controller Function
None Right Stick Move Camera
Esc Start Escape Menu
W Left Stick Move Forward
S Move Backward
D Move Right
A Move Left
N/A Turn Right
Turn Left
Left RT Primary Fire / Vehicle Horn / Take Photo in Photo Mode
Right LT Secondary Fire / Split Item / High Resolution Photo Mode
R Y Weapon Reload / Change Spline Build Mode / Lock/Unlock View when driving
E X Interact / Quick Switch
Space A Jump / Vehicle Handbrake
C B Crouch
⇧ Left Shift Press Left Stick Sprint
Tab ↹ Down Inventory
Alt+Left Long press Down Ping
B Long press B Flashlight / Vehicle Headlights
V Press Right Stick Resource Scanner / Vehicle Menu
M Unknown Open Map (unlocked via Quartz Research)
Q Up Build Menu (Build Gun in Construction Mode)
Middleup LB Previous Held Item / Rotate Hologram Right / Increase Photo FOV
Middledown RB Next Held Item / Rotate Hologram Left / Decrease Photo FOV
Left Ctrl RB Build Gun Snap To Guide Lines / Toggle Mass Dismantle
F Long press Up Dismantle Mode (Build Gun in Dismantle Mode)
↵ Enter Open Chat
T Long press Y Emote Wheel
P Long press Right Open / Close Photo Mode
Middle(press) Unknown Toggle Photo Mode UI Visibility / Building Eyedropper (copy building)
O Unknown Codex
N Open Quick Search
Alt+Middleup Cycle to Next Hotbar
Alt+Middledown Cycle to Previous Hotbar
X Right Customizer
Left Alt Unknown Quick Apply Material in Hotbar Modifier
1 Building Shortcut 1 / Relevant Item 1
2 Building Shortcut 2 / Relevant Item 2
3 Building Shortcut 3 / Relevant Item 3
4 Building Shortcut 4 / Relevant Item 4
5 Building Shortcut 5 / Relevant Item 5
6 Building Shortcut 6 / Relevant Item 6
7 Building Shortcut 7 / Relevant Item 7
8 Building Shortcut 8 / Relevant Item 8
9 Building Shortcut 9 / Relevant Item 9
0 Building Shortcut 10 / Relevant Item 10

With some exceptions, keyboard controls can be rebound in settings. There is no customization available for controllers.

  • Pressing Space while driving a Truck or Explorer will perform a drift.
  • Holding down V allows selecting the target resource the Resource Scanner will scan for.
  • The Map is only accessible after it has been researched in the MAM Quartz Research.
  • Crouching while running will perform a slide.
  • Crouching before jumping will result in a higher and longer jump, which can be more efficient then using a tractor, once you have the blade runners.
  • Approach a Resource node and press E to start manual mining. To do AFK hand mining, open the Inventory Tab ↹ while E is held down, then let go.
  • For Nobelisks, holding down Left allows them to be thrown further.
  • Photo Mode can be used as binoculars by scrolling Middle to zoom.
  • Pressing or holding Ctrl while dismantling will activate Mass Dismantle mode, where up to 50 structures can be marked to be deconstructed simultaneously.
  • Pressing Left Ctrl while building will align the building in a straight line, or snap to the next building.
  • Pressing Middle in build or dismantle mode while facing a building will copy the blueprint of the aimed building.
  • All building shortcuts are only for buildings and vehicles in the Build Menu. They are not for equipment and consumables.
    • These can be assigned by hovering over a building/vehicle in the Build Menu and pressing the keybind.
    • These might not work for some keyboard layouts. This can be fixed easily by manually rebinding each key.
  • There are 10 hotbars, use Alt+Middle to cycle through them.
  • In the Esc menu, the respawn option is available, which will instantly kill the player.
  • In the inventory window Tab ↹, Right to split a stack into halves. Holding down Right on the stack enables custom splitting, use the slider or manual input the desired number of split item.
  • The N Quick Search is also a simple single-line calculator (see below).

Combination functions:

Keys Function
Left + ⇧ Shift Transfer the clicked item (or single stack) between opened inventories / quickly equip equipment
Left + Ctrl Transfer all of the clicked items of same type between opened inventories

In-game calculator[]

The Quick Search in-game N also serves as a simple calculator. The following operators are supported:

  • .: Decimal
  • + - * /: Arithmetic
  • ^: Exponentation
  • %: Remainder
  • ( ): Parenthesis
  • sqrt( ): Square root

The calculator fails to enforce the order of operations, meaning parenthesis have to be used.

Other controls[]

The following controls cannot be customized in-game.

Keys Function
Alt+F4 Close the game window
Alt+↵ Enter or F11 Toggle between fullscreen & windowed mode.
This may result the game to be displayed at a non-native resolution when maximized.
F12 Steam screenshot
Ctrl+⇧ Shift+L Enable console
§/`/~ Open console/Expand console window (console has to be enabled first)
Ctrl+C Copy building configuration (building UI has to be open)
Ctrl+V Paste building configuration (building UI has to be open)
Space Focus to search bar in Build Menu