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So you know how your FICSIT Inc. factory can be turned into this incredibly intricate maze of conveyor belts in every direction, merging, splitting, crossing each other above and below? Conveyor belts carry, after all, the life-blood of our company!
~ Caterina Parks's assistant Steve

Conveyor Belts are structures used to transport items between buildings. They come in five marks with different building costs, throughput, and appearance. Conveyor Belts can only be built between building connection ports or Conveyor Poles.

Conveyor Belts screenshot

Conveyor Belts in the world


Item transportation[]

Once a Conveyor Belt is connected to a building's output (such as a Miner), it will begin to pull items out from the building's output slot. Conversely, a belt connected to a building's input port will attempt to push items into its input slot, provided it accepts the supplied item and there is enough storage space. Items on the belt can be manually picked up E. Items cannot be manually dispensed onto a belt; this can be done by constructing a temporary Storage Container.

If the belt doesn't lead anywhere, items will not fall off the belt, instead, they will simply stop on the belt. The same occurs if the connected building is either full or cannot accept the item on the belt.

Belts cannot transport items in stacks, each item (visually) on the belt represents one item. Lower mark Belts can also cause bottlenecks especially in the early game, where Miners are capable of producing more items per minute than the belt can transport.

Each mark has higher throughput (measured in items/min) than its predecessor, and also appears more visually advanced.

Mark Items/min Speed difference Mk.1 belt equivalent Visual appearance Unlocked at Ingredients
Mk.1 60 N/A 1 Conveyor Belt Mk.1 Slim and thin. Small LEDs spaced half meters apart. Tier 0 - HUB Upgrade 4 Iron PlateIron Plate
Mk.2 120 2 Conveyor Belt Mk.2 Slightly higher edge. Slightly larger LEDs spaced further apart. Tier 2 - Logistics Mk.2 Reinforced Iron PlateReinforced Iron Plate
Mk.3 270 2.25× 4.5 Conveyor Belt Mk.3 Added metal guardrail and guard bars on underside. Two bar LEDs. Tier 4 - Logistics Mk.3 Steel BeamSteel Beam
Mk.4 480 1.77778× 8 Conveyor Belt Mk.4 Thicker appearance, higher edge. Guardrail removed. Single large bar LED. Tier 6 - Logistics Mk.4 Encased Industrial BeamEncased Industrial Beam
Mk.5 780 1.625× 13 Conveyor Belt Mk.5 Added metal guardrail. Reflective bars on the belt. Same LED as mark 4. Tier 7 - Logistics Mk.5 Alclad Aluminum SheetAlclad Aluminum Sheet

Pioneer transportation[]

Besides serving their primary purpose as transporting items, Conveyor Belts also move pioneers. The transportation speed roughly matches how fast items are moving on the belt.

(Running with Blade Runners)
Mk.1 1.2 m/s
4.32 km/h
52.92 km/h
Mk.2 2.4 m/s
8.64 km/h
57.24 km/h
Mk.3 5.4 m/s
19.44 km/h
68.04 km/h
Mk.4 9.6 m/s
34.56 km/h
83.16 km/h
Mk.5 15.6 m/s
56.16 km/h
104.76 km/h


A single Conveyor Belt segment can be from ~0.5 up to 56 meters long (exactly seven Foundations), calculated using the euclidean distance formula . The minimum turn radius is two meters. The building cost is roughly 0.5 materials per meter, rounded up to nearest integer.

The maximum slope is 35°, calculated using (in degrees, where x, y, and z are the belt's displacement on the axes). Conveyor Belts cannot incline along the Z-axis while turning in the XY plane. They will do one, then the other. The greatest possible rise in the shortest distance is 31 meters vertically and 45 meters horizontally.

When building between poles, the first snapping point will always be the input and the second the output, unless the first point is connecting to an input of another building or conveyor belt. Once constructed, the belt cannot be reversed, but can be directly up/downgraded into other conveyor marks by aiming at them with the other mark.

Belts can be built on top of some buildings, such as Constructors, provided there is a valid spot for a conveyor pole to be automatically placed on. They can also intersect each other, some non-colliding entities, and terrain freely.

Placement errors[]

Encroaching other's clearance[]

This means the belt is being constructed through other buildings. Conveyors have to be always constructed second, after the buildings they are being connected to are already built, with two exceptions:

  • The second Conveyor Pole can be built alongside the belt, once it is snapped to one end
  • Conveyor Splitters and Mergers can be built on existing belts, however, this doesn't respect the foundation grid.
  • It may be due to directional errors, such as connecting a building's output to another building's output.

The floor is too steep[]

This means the floor below where the Conveyor Pole would be built is too uneven. Using a flat surface, such as a Foundation, could help.

The conveyor belt is too short/long/steep[]

Refer to § Construction above.

Belt welding[]

The maximum length of 56 meters per segment can be bypassed by doing the following in sequence:

  • First build 2 segments of belts end-to-end
  • Remove the belt support at the joint
  • Place a Merger at the joint
  • Dismantle the Merger
  • The 2 belt segments are now welded into a single segment. Use this method to extend the belt length.


  • Conveyor ports on buildings display whether they are output or input. Outputs have green arrows, inputs orange symbols.
Conveyor connectors

Examples of conveyor connectors (ports) with direction labelled.


  • A single item occupies roughly 1.186 meters on a belt.
  • 843 items fit on a belt 1000 meters long.
  • Marks 1-3 show the belt reversed at the underside. Marks 4-5 have metal on the bottom, but still, show the reversed belt when clipped through.
  • In the Conveyor Belt Speeds video, Conveyor Belts can be clearly heard from further away (especially higher marks), but they are quite quiet in-game.
  • Higher tiers of belts generally have guards at the edges to protect items (and the pioneer) from slipping off the sides. Take note this does not totally prevent the pioneer though, one can be slingshot out from sharp turns.
  • Conveyor Poles supporting a Conveyor Belt can be deconstructed without affecting the now floating belt.
  • Conveyor Belts themselves are drawn via a custom shader implemented to support the "spline" meshes to be instanced; while the items are instanced meshes, making them expensive to update.
  • Items on a Conveyor Belt Mk.1 are out of sync from the top animation and can move at different speeds.

Current issue[]

  • Higher tier Belts may sometime suffer throughput loss due to various unconfirmed reasons, reducing the actual throughput below indicated transport rate. For example, the belt mk.5 may have slightly lower throughput when built in long sections, or after certain amount of splitting and/or merging.


  • Patch Another attempt at fixing leaves looking weird in conveyor belts.
  • Patch Fixed more conveyor belt items.
  • Patch Fixed Aluminum Casing having the wrong texture in conveyor belts.
  • Patch Fixed issues with items not rendering properly in conveyor belts #PraiseBen
  • Patch
    • Fixed Aluminum Casing texture in conveyor belts
    • Improved conveyor belt renderer stability
  • Patch Implemented a new Conveyor Item Renderer (Experimental)
    • We are testing this new system to reduce the cost of having many conveyors items moving. It is still work in progress but can already have positive effects depending on your system. We are continuing to work on this while Update 4 is on Experimental.
    • Known issue: Some conveyor belt items look odd due to the new Conveyor Subsystem, this will be fixed soon
    • Known issue: Conveyor belt items can visually disappear in some situations
  • Patch Fixed jumping off Conveyor Belts not properly carrying momentum
  • Patch through Patch Reworked conveyor networking and fixed conveyor replication glitches
  • Patch 0.3.6: Increased maximum length from 48 to 56 meters
  • Patch Renamed Conveyor Belt to Conveyor Belt Mk.1
  • Patch 0.3: Greatly nerfed the pioneers' walking and running speed on belts, making belt-launched jetpack flight inefficient. (work around by using Hyper Tube Cannon)
  • Patch 0.1.15: Increased the capacity of Mk.4 and Mk.5 belts from 450 to 480 and 660 to 780 items per minute respectively.
  • Patch 0.1.14: Made Conveyor Belt Mk.5 available alongside Conveyor Lift Mk.5.

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