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Conveyor Poles are logistic structures used to support Conveyor Belts and Conveyor Lifts.

All kinds of Poles allow a Conveyor to be attached to it from both sides, as long as the Conveyor is set to transport in the same direction, which can be especially useful to force the direction of Conveyor Lifts. Conveyors keep on working even if the Poles supporting them are dismantled.

Conveyor Lifts can be built standalone without supports, unlike Belts.


Type Unlocked at Cost Properties
Conveyor Pole.png Conveyor Pole Tier 0 - HUB Upgrade 4  Iron Rod
 Iron Plate
Default Pole used while constructing Conveyor Belts.
Adjustable height from 1 to 7 meters in 2-meter increments.
Stackable Conveyor Pole.png Stackable Conveyor Pole Tier 2 - Logistics Mk.2  Iron Rod
 Iron Plate
Stackable Pole that has a ladder on both sides. Can be stacked indefinitely.
Ground Pole is 3 m tall, all stacked ones 2 m.
Compatible with other types of stackable logistic supports.
Conveyor Wall Mount.png Conveyor Wall Mount AWESOME Shop - Conveyor Wall Mount  Iron Rod
 Iron Plate
Attaches to the sides of Walls and Foundations only.
Conveyor Lift Floor Hole.png Conveyor Lift Floor Hole AWESOME Shop - Conveyor Lift Floor Hole 2×  Iron Rod
2×  Iron Plate
2×  Concrete
Attaches to Foundations only. Allows Conveyor Lifts to pass through the Foundation.


Standard Conveyor Poles are built by clicking (Left) once to set the location, then scrolling to rotate and looking up or down to change the height (if desired), confirming the placement by clicking again. If the "Execute Build Step on Release" option is enabled, Left has to be held down to adjust the rotation and height while placing.

Stackable Conveyor Poles are built simply by placing them on the ground, on each other or other kinds of stackable supports. It's not possible to make them the default type of Poles used when building Conveyor Belts. Simple Conveyor Poles fit under Stackable Poles.

Conveyor Wall Mounts can only be built on the sides of Walls and Foundations, as mentioned above. It's not possible to place them on ceilings, unlike Pipeline or Hyper Tube Wall Supports.



  • Patch Introduced Conveyor Lift Floor Hole
  • Patch Fixed wrong materials on the Stackable Conveyor Poles
  • Patch Updated Conveyor Pole meshes and all Conveyor wall attachments and Conveyor Walls
  • Patch Stackable Poles can no longer be placed inside of each other
  • Patch Different stackable poles can now be stacked with each other
  • Patch Splitters and Mergers now snap onto Conveyor end points and directly onto Conveyor Poles as well
  • Patch 0.3: Conveyor Poles height and rotation can now be tweaked when building them from a Conveyor
  • Patch 0.1.14: Conveyor Pole holograms now show properly under the Conveyor Belt for client
  • Patch 0.1.10: Stackable poles shouldn’t encroach each other anymore
  • Patch 0.1.8: Stackable Poles can no longer be built within each other
  • Patch 0.1.7: Fixed the Stackable Conveyor Pole not aligning with other Conveyor Connections
  • Patch 0.1.5: Fixed that trying to place a Conveyor Belt with a Pole on the seam between two foundations caused a “Floor is too steep” warning (bye bye, sweet meme)
  • Patch Closed Alpha 3: Added LODs for the Stackable Conveyor Pole
  • Patch Closed Alpha 2:
    • Conveyor poles foundations now sink a little bit further into the ground. (To prevent floating elements on slopes when building on the landscape)
    • Added new stackable Conveyor Pole.
    • Updated Conveyor Pole mesh.

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