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The Craft Bench is a manual crafting station, allowing to craft all unlocked components, except for:

The HUB has a Craft Bench built into it, while additional Craft Benches can be constructed elsewhere in the world using the build menu. In multiplayer, only one player can use a Craft Bench at a time, so building multiple is advised.


To craft a part, it has to be selected (or searched for) in the left side of the UI. If there are enough ingredients in the inventory, the Craft button turns yellow. The button can be pressed either by clicking on it Left, or held down automatically by tapping Space, which is useful for crafting a large amount of items.

After continuously crafting for a while, the hammer button will start glowing red, and boiling sounds can be heard. This (currently)[1] seems to have no effect on the game.

Recipes are unlocked by completing HUB Milestones and MAM Researches.

Early game crafting speed comparison[]

Below is the comparison of manual crafting speed vs machine crafting speed. This should give you some idea about which items should be prioritized for automation: items with low manual crafting speed should be automated first. 'Machine' refers to either the Constructor or the Smelter, which both operate at 4 MW.

Item Manual crafting
speed (item/min)
Machine crafting
speed (item/min)
Manual speed multiplier
Iron Ingot Iron Ingot 80 30 2.66
Iron Rod Iron Rod 240 15 16
Iron Plate Iron Plate 160 20 8
Copper Ingot Copper Ingot 80 30 2.66
Wire Wire 240 30 8
Cable Cable 240 30 8
Screw Screw 320 40 8
Concrete Concrete 120 15 8
Biomass Biomass (leaves) 1200 60 20
Biomass Biomass (wood) 2400 300 8
Solid Biofuel Solid Biofuel 96 60 1.6
Copper Sheet Copper Sheet 80 10 8

Dual ingredient items are not included as they should be purchased from the AWESOME Shop during a speedrun. Coupons can be farmed by sinking the items looted from the Crash Sites.

Crafting consumable equipment[]

Crafting consumable equipment at Craft Bench takes 2x crafting clicks compared to Equipment Workshop. For example, crafting Iron Rebar requires two crafting clicks at Craft Bench but only needs one crafting click at the Equipment Workshop.


See above for a list of which recipes cannot be crafted manually.

Recipe NameCrafting Time (sec)IngredientsProducts
Alclad Aluminum Sheet63x Aluminum Ingot Aluminum Ingot30/min
1x Copper Ingot Copper Ingot10/min
3x Alclad Aluminum Sheet Alclad Aluminum Sheet30/min
Alien DNA Capsule61x Alien Protein Alien Protein10/min
1x Alien DNA Capsule Alien DNA Capsule10/min
Aluminum Casing23x Aluminum Ingot Aluminum Ingot90/min
2x Aluminum Casing Aluminum Casing60/min
Aluminum Ingot46x Aluminum Scrap Aluminum Scrap90/min
5x Silica Silica75/min
4x Aluminum Ingot Aluminum Ingot60/min
Biomass (Alien Protein)41x Alien Protein Alien Protein15/min
100x Biomass Biomass1500/min
Biomass (Leaves)510x Leaves Leaves120/min
5x Biomass Biomass60/min
Biomass (Mycelia)410x Mycelia Mycelia150/min
10x Biomass Biomass150/min
Biomass (Wood)44x Wood Wood60/min
20x Biomass Biomass300/min
Black Powder41x Coal Coal15/min
1x Sulfur Sulfur15/min
2x Black Powder Black Powder30/min
Cable22x Wire Wire60/min
1x Cable Cable30/min
Caterium Ingot43x Caterium Ore Caterium Ore45/min
1x Caterium Ingot Caterium Ingot15/min
Circuit Board82x Copper Sheet Copper Sheet15/min
4x Plastic Plastic30/min
1x Circuit Board Circuit Board7.5/min
Color Cartridge65x Flower Petals Flower Petals50/min
10x Color Cartridge Color Cartridge100/min
Computer2410x Circuit Board Circuit Board25/min
9x Cable Cable22.5/min
18x Plastic Plastic45/min
52x Screw Screw130/min
1x Computer Computer2.5/min
Concrete43x Limestone Limestone45/min
1x Concrete Concrete15/min
Copper Ingot21x Copper Ore Copper Ore30/min
1x Copper Ingot Copper Ingot30/min
Copper Powder630x Copper Ingot Copper Ingot300/min
5x Copper Powder Copper Powder50/min
Copper Sheet62x Copper Ingot Copper Ingot20/min
1x Copper Sheet Copper Sheet10/min
Crystal Oscillator12036x Quartz Crystal Quartz Crystal18/min
28x Cable Cable14/min
5x Reinforced Iron Plate Reinforced Iron Plate2.5/min
2x Crystal Oscillator Crystal Oscillator1/min
Electromagnetic Control Rod303x Stator Stator6/min
2x AI Limiter AI Limiter4/min
2x Electromagnetic Control Rod Electromagnetic Control Rod4/min
Empty Canister42x Plastic Plastic30/min
4x Empty Canister Empty Canister60/min
Empty Fluid Tank11x Aluminum Ingot Aluminum Ingot60/min
1x Empty Fluid Tank Empty Fluid Tank60/min
Encased Industrial Beam104x Steel Beam Steel Beam24/min
5x Concrete Concrete30/min
1x Encased Industrial Beam Encased Industrial Beam6/min
Explosive Rebar122x Iron Rebar Iron Rebar10/min
2x Smokeless Powder Smokeless Powder10/min
2x Steel Pipe Steel Pipe10/min
1x Explosive Rebar Explosive Rebar5/min
Fabric41x Mycelia Mycelia15/min
5x Biomass Biomass75/min
1x Fabric Fabric15/min
Gas Filter85x Coal Coal37.5/min
2x Rubber Rubber15/min
2x Fabric Fabric15/min
1x Gas Filter Gas Filter7.5/min
Hatcher Protein31x Hatcher Remains Hatcher Remains20/min
1x Alien Protein Alien Protein20/min
Heat Sink85x Alclad Aluminum Sheet Alclad Aluminum Sheet37.5/min
3x Copper Sheet Copper Sheet22.5/min
1x Heat Sink Heat Sink7.5/min
Heavy Modular Frame305x Modular Frame Modular Frame10/min
15x Steel Pipe Steel Pipe30/min
5x Encased Industrial Beam Encased Industrial Beam10/min
100x Screw Screw200/min
1x Heavy Modular Frame Heavy Modular Frame2/min
High-Speed Connector1656x Quickwire Quickwire210/min
10x Cable Cable37.5/min
1x Circuit Board Circuit Board3.75/min
1x High-Speed Connector High-Speed Connector3.8/min
Hog Protein31x Hog Remains Hog Remains20/min
1x Alien Protein Alien Protein20/min
Homing Rifle Ammo2420x Rifle Ammo Rifle Ammo50/min
1x High-Speed Connector High-Speed Connector2.5/min
10x Homing Rifle Ammo Homing Rifle Ammo25/min
Iodine Infused Filter161x Gas Filter Gas Filter3.75/min
8x Quickwire Quickwire30/min
1x Aluminum Casing Aluminum Casing3.75/min
1x Iodine Infused Filter Iodine Infused Filter3.8/min
Iron Ingot21x Iron Ore Iron Ore30/min
1x Iron Ingot Iron Ingot30/min
Iron Plate63x Iron Ingot Iron Ingot30/min
2x Iron Plate Iron Plate20/min
Iron Rebar41x Iron Rod Iron Rod15/min
1x Iron Rebar Iron Rebar15/min
Iron Rod41x Iron Ingot Iron Ingot15/min
1x Iron Rod Iron Rod15/min
Modular Frame603x Reinforced Iron Plate Reinforced Iron Plate3/min
12x Iron Rod Iron Rod12/min
2x Modular Frame Modular Frame2/min
Motor122x Rotor Rotor10/min
2x Stator Stator10/min
1x Motor Motor5/min
Power Shard (1)81x Blue Power Slug Blue Power Slug7.5/min
1x Power Shard Power Shard7.5/min
Power Shard (2)121x Yellow Power Slug Yellow Power Slug5/min
2x Power Shard Power Shard10/min
Power Shard (5)241x Purple Power Slug Purple Power Slug2.5/min
5x Power Shard Power Shard12.5/min
Pressure Conversion Cube601x Fused Modular Frame Fused Modular Frame1/min
2x Radio Control Unit Radio Control Unit2/min
1x Pressure Conversion Cube Pressure Conversion Cube1/min
Quartz Crystal85x Raw Quartz Raw Quartz37.5/min
3x Quartz Crystal Quartz Crystal22.5/min
Quickwire51x Caterium Ingot Caterium Ingot12/min
5x Quickwire Quickwire60/min
Radio Control Unit4832x Aluminum Casing Aluminum Casing40/min
1x Crystal Oscillator Crystal Oscillator1.25/min
1x Computer Computer1.25/min
2x Radio Control Unit Radio Control Unit2.5/min
Reinforced Iron Plate126x Iron Plate Iron Plate30/min
12x Screw Screw60/min
1x Reinforced Iron Plate Reinforced Iron Plate5/min
Rifle Ammo123x Copper Sheet Copper Sheet15/min
2x Smokeless Powder Smokeless Powder10/min
15x Rifle Ammo Rifle Ammo75/min
Rotor155x Iron Rod Iron Rod20/min
25x Screw Screw100/min
1x Rotor Rotor4/min
Screw61x Iron Rod Iron Rod10/min
4x Screw Screw40/min
Shatter Rebar122x Iron Rebar Iron Rebar10/min
3x Quartz Crystal Quartz Crystal15/min
1x Shatter Rebar Shatter Rebar5/min
Silica83x Raw Quartz Raw Quartz22.5/min
5x Silica Silica37.5/min
Solid Biofuel48x Biomass Biomass120/min
4x Solid Biofuel Solid Biofuel60/min
Spitter Protein31x Plasma Spitter Remains Plasma Spitter Remains20/min
1x Alien Protein Alien Protein20/min
Stator123x Steel Pipe Steel Pipe15/min
8x Wire Wire40/min
1x Stator Stator5/min
Steel Beam44x Steel Ingot Steel Ingot60/min
1x Steel Beam Steel Beam15/min
Steel Ingot43x Iron Ore Iron Ore45/min
3x Coal Coal45/min
3x Steel Ingot Steel Ingot45/min
Steel Pipe63x Steel Ingot Steel Ingot30/min
2x Steel Pipe Steel Pipe20/min
Stinger Protein31x Stinger Remains Stinger Remains20/min
1x Alien Protein Alien Protein20/min
Stun Rebar61x Iron Rebar Iron Rebar10/min
5x Quickwire Quickwire50/min
1x Stun Rebar Stun Rebar10/min
Supercomputer322x Computer Computer3.75/min
2x AI Limiter AI Limiter3.75/min
3x High-Speed Connector High-Speed Connector5.625/min
28x Plastic Plastic52.5/min
1x Supercomputer Supercomputer1.9/min
Turbo Motor324x Cooling System Cooling System7.5/min
2x Radio Control Unit Radio Control Unit3.75/min
4x Motor Motor7.5/min
24x Rubber Rubber45/min
1x Turbo Motor Turbo Motor1.9/min
Turbo Rifle Ammo1225x Rifle Ammo Rifle Ammo125/min
3x Aluminum Casing Aluminum Casing15/min
3x Packaged Turbofuel Packaged Turbofuel15/min
50x Turbo Rifle Ammo Turbo Rifle Ammo250/min
Wire41x Copper Ingot Copper Ingot15/min
2x Wire Wire30/min

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  • Patch Now can be rotated 45 degrees when placing instead of only 90 degrees
  • Patch
    • Keys other than RMB and space no longer work for pressing the Craft button
    • Pressing space now holds down the Craft button until it is pressed again
  • Patch 0.3:
    • Crafting is now 33% slower (the time to do three steps previously now only does two steps).
    • Tweaked the amount of crafting steps of many items.
    • Clicking the metal area surrounding the Craft button now produces a cosmetic "hammer hit" effect.
  • Patch Model updated