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Disambig.png This article is about crash sites of FICSIT Freighters containing Hard Drives. For the drop pod the pioneer lands in at the beginning of the game, see Drop-pod.

The crashed FICSIT Freighter in a Crash Site.

A Hard Drive can be retrieved from a opened Drop Pod.

Crash Site locations as of Update 4.

Crash Sites are crashed FICSIT Freighters that can be found in the world, carrying  Hard Drives. There are 97 Crash Sites in total. Crash Sites consist of:

  • Freighter Drop-pod, containing the Hard Drive
  • Scattered components on the ground, which can be picked up (as listed below)
  • Other scattered wreckage which is purely visual


Retrieving the Hard Drive[]

Unlock requirements[]

Unlocking a majority of pods will often require a certain amount of a part or power supplied. If those requirements are fulfilled, the handle in the UI becomes functional, allowing to open the hatch and retrieve the Hard Drive within.

  • For those requiring a certain part, the part will be automatically inserted into the slot in the pod. The part cannot be retrieved once the hatch is opened.
    • Occasionally, the required part can be found scattered around the Crash Site
    • There are 4 pods that require components that were only obtainable from the FICSMAS Advent Calendar, specifically the Superposition Oscillator and the Quantum Computer. So, unless one got the components during the event, the drives within those pods are unobtainable without adding those items to your inventory with 3rd-party tools/editor. Note that those components could, speculatively, be present in a future release of the game though.
  • For those requiring a certain amount of power to be supplied, Biomass Burners can be utilized to power the pod temporarily.
    • If connecting the pod to the main power grid, make sure to disconnect it once the drive is collected, as they appear to draw power constantly.

Some pods have no unlock requirement, the handle is always functional and the drive can be retrieved at no cost.

Environmental threats[]

Besides the requirements to retrieve the Hard Drive from the Crash Site, there can be other hazards, making it harder to retrieve the Hard Drive.

Challenge Solution
Cliffs Jetpack, Ladders, Foundations, Zipline
Poison Gas / Spore Flowers Gas Mask / Nobelisk Detonator
Radioactive Uranium deposits and waste Hazmat Suit
Fauna, Alpha Fauna Xeno-Basher, Rifle, Nobelisk Detonator

Scattered components[]

The following items can be found scattered around the Crash Sites:

All scattered items are fixed, including the amounts (e.g. two different games will have the same items in the same amounts, unless they are changed by a game patch). There is a large cave to the east of Islands containing lots of loot-able items, but no Crash Site can be found nearby.




  • Patch Introduced seven new Crash Sites
  • Patch 0.3: Items are now inserted automatically when the hatch is opened rather than having to be dragged into a slot in the UI
  • Unknown Update 2 patch: Changed the unlock requirements of several Crash Sites, they no longer require items such as Uranium Fuel Rods