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A crate is a type of temporary storage. It appears when the pioneer respawns or if there is insufficient amount of empty slots in the inventory when dismantling.

Death crate[]

A crate that appears after the pioneer dies and respawns. It usually appears at the location of death.

  • All items from the pioneer's inventory including equipment slots are dropped into the crate.
    • If the pioneer dies without carrying any item, no crate will be created.
  • Its location and direction are indicated on the Map and Compass, until a save is reloaded.
  • If the pioneer dies in the void or due to border damage, the crate will be spawned on the latest spot where the pioneer stood on the ground.
    • For example, if the pioneer dies at the map border due to being launched too far with a Hyper Tube Cannon, the death crate will spawn at the launching point.

In a multiplayer game, reviving an pioneer won't spawn a crate, as all inventory contents and equipment remain in the inventory of the revived character.

Dismantle crate[]

A crate appears below the dismantled building(s) if there are insufficient inventory slots to receive the building refund material. This includes the solid items stored in the building input and output slots, and the cost of Power Lines connected to it.

This crate does not appear on the Map or Compass.

Common properties[]

Both types of the crates above share the following properties:

  • The inventory size of the crate is automatically sized to contain the necessary items.
  • You can transfer items from the crate to the pioneer's inventory but not the other way round.
  • Once all its contained items are picked up, the crate is automatically removed. A crate cannot be dismantled by the pioneer.
  • Crates cannot be built manually.
  • A crate does not have an encroachment box. This means any buildings can be built intersect with it without issue.
  • Crates, along with contained items, never despawn. As mentioned before, only the indication of death crates will disappear from the map and compass on save reload.



  • Patch 0.3: Mass dismantling buildings now creates a single crate when the resources don’t fit into the inventory, instead of a crate per buildable dismantled
  • Patch 0.1.5: Hub parts are now returned to the player on respawn or passed to other players if possible when their death crate is spawned
  • Patch Closed Alpha 5.1: Changed Death Crates to only disappear from the Compass when emptied
  • Patch Closed Alpha 3.2: Fixed a crash when a too large death create is created
  • Patch Closed Alpha 2: Dismantle/death crate: Inventory will not be squished anymore when extremely full.