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The Cup is a solely cosmetic piece of hand equipment. Similar to Beryl Nuts, it is small and does not cause too much obstruction when the player decides to take a screenshot.

The 'Employee of the Planet' Cup is a variant of the Cup that can be purchased after the 4th delivery in the Space Elevator.



Cup Cup is unlocked via the AWESOME Shop AWESOME Shop using:
'Employee of the Planet' Cup 'Employee of the Planet' Cup is unlocked via the AWESOME Shop AWESOME Shop using:

The 4th Space Elevator delivery has to be completed in order for the 'Employee of the Planet' Cup to become available.

After purchasing, the actual item can be found in the Purchases tab in the AWESOME Shop. The coupon cost is same for both types of cup.



Both types of Cups can be held and drunk from. They are purely cosmetic.


Cup Cup cannot be sunk into the AWESOME Sink AWESOME Sink and will clog the input.

Sinking the 'Employee of the Planet' Cup unlocks the Golden Factory Cart Golden Factory Cart in the AWESOME Shop.


  • The first cup is called FICSIT Coffee Cup™ in the Shop. The 2nd cup can be unlocked after completing the 4th stage of Space Elevator.
  • Pressing Left will play the drinking animation, and occasionally a metal sound is produced, possibly due to the cup hitting the helmet the pioneer is wearing.
  • The fluid content inside seems not to spill under any circumstance.
  • Dropping the Cup onto the ground will empty its contents until it is picked up again.
  • Another Coffee Cup can be spotted just on the HUB Terminal, and the space elevator terminal, but with a different design. That cup cannot be picked up or interacted with.
  • Offline players from multiplayer will sit on the ground with a cup in their hands and occasionally take a sip.


  • Patch
    • Introduced 'Employee of the Planet' Cup.
    • Improved the visual of the coffee in the cup, such as ripples and steams.
    • Disconnected clients in multiplayer now sit down and drink from a Cup
  • Patch 0.3: Introduced Cup