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Has to be built on a Drone Port.
Transports available input back an forth between its home and destination Port.
Requires Batteries as fuel, based on travel distance. Refuels at any Port, if able.
Drone Status and other details are shown on its home Drone Port.
Unlocked at Tier 7 - Aeronautical Engineering
Inventory size 9 Stacks
Category Transportation
Fuel Battery
Dimensions (Area 96 m2)
Width 16 m
Length 6 m
Height 3 m
Max speed 252 km/h
Required items
Alclad Aluminum Sheet.png
Radio Control Unit.png
AI Limiter.png
Portable Miner.png

Drones are aerial vehicles that operate on Batteries by flying between selected Drone Ports.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Each Drone can only be assigned to 1 loading Drone Port, and that loading Drone Port can only be assigned to 1 unloading Drone Port. There is no limitation on the numbers of assigned Drones unloading on a Drone Port, however one must be queued before the other fully unloads. Waiting Drones will circle above the Drone Port.

When flying from one port to another, a Drone will shows a take-off animation, wiggling around, rise vertically, turning mid-air then fly roughly in a straight line to the destination, then descends, followed by some wiggling animation and finally docks. Drones will attempt to navigate around obstacles mid-flight. As the take-off and landing can take up a considerable amount of time, the efficiency of Drones increases with distance.

The Drone consumes a minimum of 4 Batteries per trip plus 1 Battery per km of flight distance.

They are potentially the 2nd fastest mean of transportation, second to Hyper Tube Cannon. Pioneers can stand on the drone for a ride, however a fall protection equipment such as Jetpack is highly recommended as the Drone will push away the pioneer mid-air when it starts accelerating forward.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The development of Drones was vaguely alluded to on May 15th, 2020: "There's going to be a new vehicle in Tier 7 or 8".[1]
  • The inclusion of Drones was jokingly "confirmed" on July 23rd, 2020, via Jace's high quality screenshots/mspaint art video.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

  • Patch Reduced default round-trip Battery cost for Drones to 4 (from 5) and reduced cost/distance from 1.66 to 1 Battery per kilometre.
  • Patch Fixed bug where the distance between drone stations wouldn’t be calculated properly, causing incorrect round-trip time estimates and battery consumption, Battery consumption should now properly increase over larger distances.
  • Patch
    • Drone Pathfinding and World Grid improvements. Drones will now fly to the closest cell if trying to pathfind outside of the grid instead of crashing. Building outside of the grid might have some weird behaviour but shouldn’t cause crashes anymore
    • Removed an ensure that caused many crashes when loading a big save
    • Fixed a bug where Drones would skip a station if saving when it’s docking, causing it to take off and bring the items back again when loading
  • Patch
    • Potential fix for a scenario where the Drones would take a nonsensical path to their destination
    • Fixed a bug where Drones would teleport when dismantling a Drone Station they are about to dock on
    • Fixed a rare crash related to Drones
    • Fixed Drone Ports allowing duplicate names
  • Patch Introduced

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