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The Drone Port is a late-game building used for long range, low-throughput item transportation. A Drone can be built on it. Deleting the Drone Port also removes its nested Drone.


The Drone Port is used for Drones to dock to drop-off or pick-up resources. The drone only takes batteries as fuel. The batteries only need to be supplied to one side (origin or destination) of the route. If batteries are not being supplied to the location the drone starts at the dock must be "seeded" with batteries to get the drone started. Drones are really good at long range, low throughput transportation. Drones can ONLY be set to fly to one other port. This port does NOT have to have the same port set as the destination. A single port can receive multiple drones. (So, if you want to supply, lets say batteries to multiple outposts, you can put up ports there, and send them to a central battery production port to fetch the goods) If there is a drone on the port, when an other one comes in, the second one circles above until the first has departed. Please note, that the majority of the round trip is taken up by coming in for a landing, loading and charging up. Also important to note: Drones can carry items in both directions, so they can take something, then bring another item back! Ports have an "outgoing" and "incoming" storage, both 18 slots in size, and when a drone comes in, it drops its package to the incoming store and takes 9 stacks maximum from the outgoing.


A Drone Port always consumes 100 MW regardless if a Drone is docking or not.


As the platform height of the Drone Port is about 4 meters, foundations elevated 4 meters from the base will be able to flush with the platform level, as well as concealing the belts below them.


As of version 171579, there is a bug where drone ports consume too many batteries when the player is far away from the drone port. When in proximity of the player, the drone ports consume the correct amount of batteries.


  • Patch Fixed Clients not being able to see Information in Drone Ports
  • Patch
    • Fixed Drone Station Inventory not working for Client
    • Fixed crash related to Drone Stations when loading the game
    • Drone Status should now show the proper name
  • Patch Drone Port names cannot be blank anymore
  • Patch Fixed a bug where Drones would teleport when dismantling a Drone Station they are about to dock on
  • Patch Introduced