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Disambig This article is about the drop pod the pioneer lands in at the beginning of the game. For crash sites containing Hard Drives, see Crash Site.

You are the third of your sector to survive planetfall. Congratulations.

The drop-pod is what pioneers land on planets in. After landing successfully, the pioneer must dismantle the drop-pod and use the obtained HUB Parts HUB Parts to build the HUB, as instructed in Onboarding. Once dismantled, it cannot be rebuilt. A waypoint on the compass shows where it is, in case the pioneer loses track of it.

The landing location is randomly selected from a set of pre-determined locations in the chosen starting location. While it is possible to walk to any other location in the game, the starting location is where pioneers respawn if the HUB is not constructed.

If Onboarding is skipped, the planetfall sequence is skipped as well. Thus, the drop-pod does not appear in the world at all. HUB Parts will be automatically added to the inventory.

In multiplayer, the planetfall sequence only plays for the host player. Other players joining will simply spawn in the HUB, rather than having their own planetfall sequence. Since dedicated servers don't have a host player, noone will see the planetfall sequence, and HUB Parts will be given to the first player who joins.


  • The planetfall sequence and Somersloop/Mercer Sphere messages are voiced by ADA before it is introduced. However, neither have subtitles.
    • Coffee Stain's localization manager stated the sequence is going be redone, and the final version is going have subtitles.[1]




  1. "The intro is going to be redone so we're not going to create subtitles for the current version. But we are going to have subtitles in the final one." –xabk on May 13, 2021, in the Satisfactory Discord #translators channel