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There are many easter eggs that can be found or will randomly happen in the game based on the player's actions.


  • In Coffee Stain's Satisfactory level design stream, at one point a model of a "pipe" is shown to exist below a part of the map, in reference to a pervasive community meme.[1] It is unclear if this easter egg was included in the game's current or past release builds, however.
  • A single Walker could be encountered in the world in old patches. This is a reference to another game made by Coffee Stain, Sanctum 2.
  • In the Cave under the Grass Field's Arch, there is a Somersloop past the S.A.M. Ore that has a unclear reference as of now.
  • Fluffy-tailed Hogs can be found wearing Jetpacks. The Hog can use the Jetpack when charging on a pioneer. Upon contact, the Hog explodes, killing both itself and its target.
    • They seem to persist between saves, at least if they are loaded when saving.
    • If one despawns, its Jetpack might not despawn with it and remain hovering in place.
    • The Hog is referred to in the code as "Johnny"[2]
Hog Jetpack easter egg

A Hog wearing a Jetpack.


  • Occasionally, when pressing the pod launch button at the HUB terminal, a large cartoon fist will appear and slam down on the button, with an accompanying "boom" sound.
  • Rapidly clicking on the power graph of any generator building or Power Pole will lock the pioneer out of it for abuse of FICSIT property, suggesting multiple treatment options including "exposure to dangerous substances".
HUB Milestone Fist easter egg

The fist easter egg

  • Sometimes, when pressing the button to scan a Hard Drive while none is inserted in the MAM, it will "become sentient" for a short time before being restarted.
  • The name of a Portable Miner will occasionally change to “Portobello Miner” on the miner interface once filled with ore.
  • The name of a Factory Cart will occasionally change to "Puny Vroom".
  • Random Capitalization Glitch

    Random Capitalization Easter Egg

    There is a small chance that, when opening the Resource Scanner's wheel menu, the icon label for "Coal" will be shown properly capitalized, while all the other choices have random capitalization. This is a reference to patches 0.3.6 to, where "coal" was improperly capitalized as "cOAL", then after the community pointed it out it was jokingly patched to the easter egg's capitalization.

Emotes and Animations[]


  • Occasionally, when doing the clap emote, the pioneer might do a sequence of Naruto hand gestures where red bugs shoot out of your hand.[3]
  • Sometimes the default sprinting animation gets replaced by a Naruto running animation.[4] This is only visible to other players in multiplayer.

ADA voicelines[]

These ADA voice lines might play when doing certain emotes:

  • Twirl: "Quickest draw in the galactic quadrant" [5]
  • Twirl: "Yeehaw" [6]
  • Twirl: "Howdy Partner"


  • By doing the clap emote, nearby lights turn off.[7]


  • When picking up the Build Gun/Resource Scanner after the drop pod sequence, the pioneer smoothes down a sticker of BoxBoy from Coffee Stain Studios' first game I <3 Strawberries.
  • The Build Gun has numerous lines of text printed on its casing.
  • When striking with the Xeno-Zapper, the player will occasionally punch instead.
  • Rarely when reloading the Rebar Gun, the pioneer will sometimes drop it (it will rapidly fly back afterwards).[8]
  • The animation that plays when first equipping the chainsaw is similar to the equivalent animation from the 2016 Doom game.
  • The flashlight light pattern resembles Coffee Stain Studios logo.


Personal Storage Box[]

  • Hidden underneath the Hazard Storage Box is what looks like a squashed bug or creature.
  • Some have speculated that what looks like a squashed bug or creature might in fact have been a damage repair and that what is seen is the solder used by the Pioneer to fix a crack on the bottom.
  • This Easter Egg does not appear on the bottom of the Personal Storage Box or the Medical Storage Box.
  • This Easter Egg was added in Update 5 when the both the Medical Storage Box and Hazard Storage Box were added to the Game.


Factory Cart[]

  • Upon finishing the construction animation, the Factory Cart has a rare chance to play an audio clip.
    • "Robots in disguise".[9]

FICSIT Freighter[]

  • The model number of the freighter (5KY-3) is a reference to Skye from the Sanctum franchise.[10]
  • On the side of both the parked and crashed freighters reads the serial number UN-R34-L 3NG1N3, a reference to Unreal Engine (the game engine that Satisfactory is built upon.)


  • Hidden on the left side of the Electric Locomotive is a sticker for the Swedish nu-metal group LOK. Their name is an abbreviation for the Swedish word lokomotiv.
  • The face that is hidden under the train is a picture of a swedish television host called Leif "Loket" Olsson, where the nickname Loket is the swedish word for Locomotive.


  • Many of the buildings feature sequences of letters and numbers that spell out words related to their functions in "l33t speak".[11]
  • There is a chance when opening the resource well extractor UI for it to say "fracking, kind of..." or "trying really hard..." instead of "extracting..."
  • The Korolev logo can appear on the side of a Crash Site.

The HUB[]

  • The HUB contains several minor easter eggs once it is fully completed.
    • The terminal near where the MAM used to have computer screens with references to Windows BSOD and closed alpha testers.
    • Under the tall monitor there is a dark screen with the phrase "See you space cowboy_". That's a reference to the anime "Cowboy Bebop". Most of the episodes ends with this screen.
    • There is a picture of a goat inside of the HUB’s computer room. This goat image is also used as splash art in one of Coffee Stain Studio’s other games, Goat Simulator.
    • The toilet cubicle has a promotional poster stuck on the wall that depicts a company named Korolev, referencing The Cycle.
      • In turn, FICSIT posters appear in The Cycle.

Miner Mk.1[]

Equipment Workshop[]

  • A can in the workshop's shelves strongly resembles a can of Milo[12], a drink powder primarily sold in Australia and New Zealand, but is also available in other various countries worldwide.
    • Milo has previously appeared in Coffee Stain videos.
    • Jace confirmed that despite him being the resident australian in Coffee Stain, he had nothing to do with this easter egg being added to the game, claiming "he has only inspired one of the artists with his Milo tutorial".[13]
  • The workshop's shelves contains a few items commonly found in a workshop.
    • 2 cans of "Lack-nafta", meaning white spirit in Swedish, can be found on the workshop table itself.
    • 1 bottle of "Trälim", meaning woodglue in Swedish, can be found on the workshop table.
    • Another can of "Lack-nafta" can be found on the shelve under the tools on the right side of the workshop, along with another bottle of "Trälim".
  • On the floor, there is a drillbit from the Portable Miner.

Boom Box[]

  • On the top bar of the Boom Box it is possible to see the words "Ficsit 'ASS' - Automated Sound System" [14]


  • The sound produced by pioneer running on Foundations syncs with the factory background music.
  • When mining resources by hand, the sound of the chisel syncs with We Will Rock You by Queen.[15] This was later revealed to be an unintentional coincidence.[16]
  • The horn of the Electric Locomotive is sometimes replaced with a steam engine horn.[17]
  • During the FICS⁕MAS event, when picking up a present, ADA has a chance to say "Merry Christmas you filthy animals."
  • When hitting the ground, the sound of a cartoon spring will sometimes play.



  • Patch Undocumented Change - Added Korolev logo on the side of a Crash Site.