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An Empty Platform is a Railway structure used for spacing Freight Platforms so that they load/unload the correct Freight Car. They snap to Train Stations, Freight Platforms, and other Empty Platforms. Two cosmetic variants are present, a flat Empty Platform and an Empty Platform With Catwalk, which features twin walkways at the same height as other rail buildings, which Catwalks can snap to the ends of.

They are not simply decorative, having a couple of useful capabilities. Empty Platforms can be used to avoid building a more expensive regular Platform at a location where a particular Freight Car neither loads nor unloads: they are far cheaper in terms of building materials and also do not require power, giving them a distinct advantage in this regard. They can also be used for spacing if a train has multiple Locomotives located anywhere but to its rear: a train with two lead locomotives, for example, will require a one-platform space between the station and the first car to unload, and an Empty Platform provides this.

Unlike other station buildings, the Empty Platform with Catwalk has no supports for the walkways. If it is built on it's own, the walkways will float in the air.

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  • Patch Introduced Empty Platform With Catwalk
  • Patch Fixed too large Track clearance
  • Patch Integrated Station Track should no longer rotate separately from the main building
  • Patch Icon updated
  • Patch Added a few more details to the mesh
  • Patch Added new mesh
  • Patch Hitbox height reduced to 1 meter. This made it possible to build other buildings over the platform (but not directly snap-able onto it). The previous height was as much as other platforms.
  • Patch Updated LODs
  • Patch Fixed a crash that could occur when building a Train Platform/Station in between two other Platforms/Stations to connect them
  • Patch 0.1.19: Added legs
  • Patch 0.1.16: Introduced Empty Platform