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An Empty Platform is a building on the Railway whose only purpose is to space out Freight Platforms so that they load/unload the correct Freight Car. They snap to Train Stations, Freight Platforms, and other Empty Platforms. They can also be used for decoration.

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  • Patch Introduced Empty Platform With Catwalk
  • Patch Fixed too large Track clearance
  • Patch Integrated Station Track should no longer rotate separately from the main building
  • Patch Icon updated
  • Patch Added a few more details to the mesh
  • Patch Added new mesh
  • Patch Hitbox height reduced to 1 meter. This made it possible to build other buildings over the platform (but not directly snap-able onto it). The previous height was as much as other platforms.
  • Patch Updated LODs
  • Patch Fixed a crash that could occur when building a Train Platform/Station in between two other Platforms/Stations to connect them
  • Patch 0.1.19: Added legs
  • Patch 0.1.16: Introduced Empty Platform