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The Equipment Workshop is the station at which engineers can manually craft non-crafting components such as tools, ammunition, and consumables.

The Equipment Workshop as shown in the E3 trailer.

Crafting is done by holding Left on the Craft button. To craft continuously, Space can be tapped to hold the Craft button.


Recipe NameCrafting Time (sec)IngredientsProducts
Beacon83x  Iron Plate22.5/min
1x  Iron Rod7.5/min
15x  Wire112.5/min
2x  Cable15/min
1x  Beacon7.5/min
Black Powder81x  Coal7.5/min
2x  Sulfur15/min
1x  Black Powder7.5/min
Blade Runners50x  Quickwire
3x  Modular Frame
3x  Rotor
1x  Blade RunnersMust be crafted Manually
Candy Cane Basher
2x  Xeno-Zapper
25x  Candy Cane
15x  FICSMAS Gift
1x  Candy Cane BasherMust be crafted Manually
Chainsaw5x  Reinforced Iron Plate
25x  Iron Rod
160x  Screw
15x  Cable
1x  ChainsawMust be crafted Manually
Color Cartridge85x  Flower Petals37.5/min
10x  Color Cartridge75/min
Factory Cart4x  Reinforced Iron Plate
4x  Iron Rod
2x  Rotor
1x  Factory CartMust be crafted Manually
Fancy Fireworks
244x  FICSMAS Tree Branch10/min
3x  FICSMAS Bow7.5/min
1x  Fancy Fireworks2.5/min
Gas Filter85x  Coal37.5/min
2x  Rubber15/min
2x  Fabric15/min
1x  Gas Filter7.5/min
Gas Mask100x  Rubber
100x  Plastic
100x  Fabric
1x  Gas MaskMust be crafted Manually
Golden Factory Cart15x  Caterium Ingot
4x  Iron Rod
2x  Rotor
1x  Golden Factory CartMust be crafted Manually
Hazmat Suit50x  Rubber
50x  Plastic
50x  Alclad Aluminum Sheet
50x  Fabric
1x  Hazmat SuitMust be crafted Manually
Hover Pack8x  Motor
4x  Heavy Modular Frame
8x  Computer
40x  Alclad Aluminum Sheet
1x  Hover PackMust be crafted Manually
Iodine Infused Filter161x  Gas Filter3.75/min
8x  Quickwire30/min
1x  Aluminum Casing3.75/min
1x  Iodine Infused Filter3.8/min
Jetpack50x  Plastic
50x  Rubber
15x  Circuit Board
5x  Motor
1x  JetpackMust be crafted Manually
Medicinal Inhaler1x  Bacon Agaric
2x  Paleberry
3x  Beryl Nut
5x  Mycelia
1x  Medicinal InhalerMust be crafted Manually
Medicinal Inhaler: Alien Organs3x  Alien Organs
5x  Mycelia
1x  Medicinal InhalerMust be crafted Manually
Nobelisk205x  Black Powder15/min
10x  Steel Pipe30/min
1x  Nobelisk3/min
Nobelisk Detonator5x  Object Scanner
5x  Encased Industrial Beam
50x  Cable
1x  Nobelisk DetonatorMust be crafted Manually
Nutritional Inhaler1x  Bacon Agaric
3x  Paleberry
7x  Beryl Nut
1x  Medicinal InhalerMust be crafted Manually
Object Scanner4x  Reinforced Iron Plate
3x  Beacon
50x  Screw
1x  Object ScannerMust be crafted Manually
Parachute10x  Fabric
5x  Cable
5x  ParachuteMust be crafted Manually
Portable Miner2x  Iron Plate
4x  Iron Rod
1x  Portable MinerMust be crafted Manually
Rebar Gun6x  Reinforced Iron Plate
16x  Iron Rod
100x  Screw
1x  Rebar GunMust be crafted Manually
Rifle25x  Steel Pipe
3x  Heavy Modular Frame
20x  Circuit Board
250x  Screw
1x  RifleMust be crafted Manually
Rifle Cartridge201x  Beacon3/min
10x  Steel Pipe30/min
10x  Black Powder30/min
10x  Rubber30/min
5x  Rifle Cartridge15/min
Snowball Mittens
100x  Actual Snow
20x  Candy Cane
10x  FICSMAS Bow
1x  Snowball PileMust be crafted Manually
Sparkly Fireworks
243x  FICSMAS Tree Branch7.5/min
2x  Actual Snow5/min
1x  Sparkly Fireworks2.5/min
Spiked Rebar41x  Iron Rod15/min
1x  Spiked Rebar15/min
Sweet Fireworks
246x  FICSMAS Tree Branch15/min
3x  Candy Cane7.5/min
1x  Sweet Fireworks2.5/min
Xeno-Basher5x  Modular Frame
2x  Xeno-Zapper
25x  Cable
500x  Wire
1x  Xeno-BasherMust be crafted Manually
Xeno-Zapper10x  Iron Rod
2x  Reinforced Iron Plate
15x  Cable
50x  Wire
1x  Xeno-ZapperMust be crafted Manually
Zipline1x  Xeno-Zapper
30x  Quickwire
3x  Iron Rod
10x  Cable
1x  ZiplineMust be crafted Manually


In a multiplayer game, each equipment workshop can only be occupied by one Engineer at a time, so building multiple equipment workshops is recommended.

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  • Patch Changed UI
  • Patch Now can be rotated 45 degrees when placing instead of only 90 degrees
  • Patch
    • Keys other than RMB and space no longer work for pressing the Craft button
    • Pressing space now holds down the Craft button until it is pressed again
  • Patch Building cost changed to 4 Iron Rods and 6 Iron Plates.
  • Patch 0.3: Crafting is now 33% slower (the time to do 3 steps previously now only does 2 steps). Tweaked the amount of crafting steps of many items.
  • Patch Model updated