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FICSIT Productive Packer Deluxe is a minigame available within The HUB The HUB once it is fully upgraded, or always if Onboarding is skipped.


The game uses a set of square frames representing packing boxes or crates and the player must place Tetris-style colored shapes (representing cargo) into the box with maximum space efficiency and speed. In addition, some more difficult shapes are higher value in points. To place shapes within the box the player must select the pieces, hover the mouse over the desired area and the shape will show within the area, then click to confirm. Various parts of the box will be blocked out so the player must adapt to fit around these obstacles.

The mini-game is presented as a work task for the pioneer interpreted as a fun game. The box uses a grid system when placing pieces, and at various points certain squares will also highlight as bonuses if a block is placed over them before they time out. When the box is completed, the player clicks the "Send" button to get a new box.

There is no rotate function for the blocks, thus placement has to be planned carefully.



  • Patch FICSIT Productive Packer Deluxe Mini Game is now always available (previously, it was only available for the duration of FICSMAS 2021)
  • Patch Introduced FICSIT Productive Packer Deluxe minigame to the HUB Operation SCADA-HMI Terminal Desk (undocumented)