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The Fluffy-tailed Hog (a.k.a 'Hog'), is a melee hostile creature that deals damage with its tackle attack. It is the most common creature in the world.


  • Hogs patrol around their spawning point, which is commonly around common resource nodes, green Power Slugs, Mercer Spheres, Somersloops, and Crash Sites, but can also be anywhere in the world.
  • Hogs make a bear-like sound when patrolling.
  • Hogs can be seen in groups of three or more. Some are led by a larger variant, the Alpha Hog.
  • If an pioneer approaches a hog from the front, it will become aggressive. All other nearby hogs, if present, will become aggressive as well. Hogs will start attacking the nearest pioneer in this situation. If a hog loses line of sight due to an obstruction like a rock or tree, it will become passive again.
  • Hogs ignore all vehicles, even if an pioneer is within.
  • A hog triggers its tackle attack by charging and ramming the pioneer at a high speed.
  • If a hog is attacked by a pioneer when the hog either hasn't targeted the pioneer or cannot reach the pioneer (e.g. while standing on a platform or flying with the  Jetpack), it will flee for a short while, then walk back to its spawn point.
  • A hog drops an Alien Carapace after being killed. If it falls into a void, it will not drop any loot.


  • Equip yourself with a weapon such as a  Xeno-Zapper.
  • Make sure you are running. Press ⇧ Shift to toggle run. Make sure the running mode is set to 'Toggle' under Options->Controls.
  • When a hog detects that a pioneer is nearby, it will run towards the nearest pioneer, pause momentarily, then trigger its tackle attack by charging towards the pioneer at a high speed.
  • In its attack mode you can see horizontal lines and a blur effect behind the hog, indicating that it is moving at a high speed.
  • Its attack can be completely dodged by getting out of its path of attack:
  • Moving sideways (A or D)
  • Jumping (Space)
  • Moving backwards and sideways at the same time ((AS or SD)) while looking at the hog
  • When it passes by you, use your Xeno-Zapper to double attack it with Double-click. If you hit a hog, it will stop running, but will again attempt to charge at you.
  • If space is limited, like on a plateau or in a cave, run towards it before it charges, then have the hog charge straight at you and double attack as it gets close. If done right, it will stop the charging hog and you can back away a few meters before it charges again. Repeat it and it should go down. This tactic carries more risk, but it will take out hogs faster and you can handle multiple hogs at the same time.
  • When a hog's missed its attack to hit you, it will run in a large circle and adjust its path until you are in its running path.
  • It cannot turn around with a tight radius while it is sprinting. It can choose to pause momentarily and turn its body around.
  • If a hog hits you, you will be thrown backward, flying across a short distance. one health segment (10 HP) will be deducted. Fall damage can also be inflicted if you land on lower ground.
  • As a hog has only 20 HP and each zap attack deals five damage, it can be killed with four zaps.
  • If the hog dies, pick up the Alien Carapace dropped by it.
  • Try to handle only one hog at a time.
  • It is possible to kill a hog without getting yourself injured, but if your health drops too low, consider fleeing or healing yourself.
  • If you attempt to flee, do not do so on flat ground, as you cannot outrun a hog. Instead, try to escape to higher ground or lower ground. Jumping on top of a small rock will do.
  • Wait until your health slowly regenerates back to three segments (30 HP). Use a healing item such as a Beryl Nut to heal beyond that amount.


  • A Fluffy-tailed Hog is referred to as Phacochoerus Plumeus Cauda in-game by ADA.
  • It is a creature first seen in the E3 Trailer. [1]
  • Pre-Alpha Hogs did not feature the additional VFX when running, did not encircle the player when running, and were not as hostile[2]

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