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The Fluid Buffer is a building used to store fluids, behaving similar to a Pipeline but with much higher storage capacity.

The Industrial Fluid Buffer is the larger variant of the Fluid Buffer with six times the capacity.

Both have two fluid connectors, both of which are non-directional. Similar-sized Fluid Buffers can be stacked on each other.


The capacity of both buffers is as follows:

  • The normal (smaller) one stores 400 m3.
  • The Industrial stores 2400 m3.

The larger variant stores six times as much, but it takes up 8.17 times as much space. Therefore, the Industrial variant is less space-effective. Notably, it is slightly more space-efficient when not counting height, only taking 5.44 times more space.

Just like Pipelines, only one type of fluid can be stored in a single Buffer at a time.


Similar to Pipelines, flushing can be performed to delete all the contained fluid by interacting with it (default E). There are two modes:

  • 'This Buffer Only' flushes only the content in the selected buffer.
  • 'Full Pipe Network' flushes the fluid in all the connected pipelines and buffers.

Head lift[]

Main article: Head lift

A filled Fluid Buffer has a head lift of eight meters, while the Industrial Fluid Buffer has a head lift of 12 meters. Partially filled buffers have reduced head lift proportional to the percentage of filled volume. The head lift of the buffers is measured from the center of their pipe connectors. Head lift applied to a buffer via a Pipeline Pump or other means will not be transmitted until they are nearly full.

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  • Patch The larger Industrial Fluid Buffer is now 2400 m3. The smaller variant of Industrial Fluid Buffer is renamed to Fluid Buffer and holds 400 m3.
  • Patch 0.3: Introduced