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Freight Car
Freight Car.png
The Freight Car can be built on Railways and attached to an Electric Locomotive or other Freight Car to transport resources. Resources are loaded or unloaded at Freight Platforms.
Has a 1,600 m3 or 32 slot capacity, depending on the resources.
Unlocked at Tier 6 - Monorail Train Technology
Inventory size 1600 m3 or 32 Stacks
Category Transportation
Subcategory Railed Vehicles
Dimensions (Area 96 m2)
Width 6 m
Length 16 m
Height 6 m
Required items
Heavy Modular Frame.png
Steel Pipe.png

Freight Cars are a type of vehicle that can be attached to Electric Locomotives or another Freight Car to form a train. They have a capacity of 32 item slots or 1,600 m3 for fluids and allow for the transportation of resources over Railways. Freight Cars can be loaded and unloaded via Freight Platforms or Fluid Freight Platforms.


  • If at least one item is loaded, a freight container will be shown. Items can be either loaded manually or with Freight Platforms.
  • If any fluid is loaded, a fluid tank will be shown. Fluids can be only loaded with Fluid Freight Platforms. Much like Pipeline networks, a single Freight Car can only carry one type of fluid at a time.
    • When carrying fluids, a flush option will appear similar to Pipelines. Flushing a fluid tank will remove all the fluid from the car, and the tank.
    • Only the selected car will be flushed. Other cars in the train and any Fluid Freight Platform will be unaffected.
  • A single Freight Car cannot carry fluid and items simultaneously.
  • If nothing is loaded, only the undercarriage is shown.
  • Whether a container is present or not doesn't affect the weight of the train.


  • During the unloading animation, the crane at the (Fluid) Freight Platform will grab the container (tank) from the Freight Car and then drop at the cargo of the Freight Platform.
  • If the Freight Platform does not have enough free space to load/unload all items, a different animation will be played:
    • When unloading a Freight Car, the container/tank will be hoisted above the Freight Platform cargo. Its door is opened from below with its contents dropped into the Platform cargo. It will then be placed back onto the Freight Car undercarriage.
    • When loading a Freight Car, the Freight Platform crane will pick up the cargo of the platform, hoist it above the Freight Car and load it similarly.
  • If an engineer is standing on the undercarriage and loads an item, the freight container will spawn and instantly kill the engineer. If a Freight Platform loads a container over an engineer, the engineer will die the same way. However, engineers can ride the container when it's being unloaded.
  • Unlike motor vehicles, trains do not knock down the player upon contact, instead, the train phases through.
  • While docking, freight platforms performing a loading operation will pause belts and manual interactions, but platforms that do not load or unload anything do not pause. However, all freight cars in the docked train will refuse manual interaction during the docking sequence, regardless of loading.
  • Freight Cars are the only building in the game that can be loaded with either fluids or items. All others are restricted to one or the other, or else take both at once.

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  • Patch 0.3.7
    • Attempt at reducing Freight Car update costs
    • Fixed tick type for Freight Cars
  • Patch
    • Trains and Freight Cars now snap better to each other at track intersections and turnouts
    • Fluid Freight Cars now display the proper capacity of the buildings in their description
    • Increased storage capacity for Fluid Freight Cars, from 500 to 1600 m3
  • Patch Fluid Freight Cars now have proper fluid UI
  • Patch Fluid Freight Cars can now handle 500 m3 of fluid instead of 50 m3
  • Patch 0.3: Now supports fluid containers and allows fluids to be transported
  • Patch 0.1.16: Are now unlockable in game