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This page is dedicated to all streams, sneak peeks, leaks, and videos that have been officially released by Coffee Stain Studios about upcoming updates. Content will be removed and added to this page as we see things added into the game and shown in leaks.

Update 4[]

The Update 4 section of this page is archived.

Update 5[]

Release date[]

  • fall 2021

Update 5 is planned to release fall 2021, there's no more accurate release date available.[Update 5 1]


In one tweet by the official Satisfactory account, it was vaguely teased that Update 5 will have something to do with exploration.[Update 5 2]

Dev Streams[]

On the January 26, 2021, Dev Stream, it was revealed that Update 5 is planned and the very least until 1.0. It might also feature Train collisions or rework.[Update 5 3]


Recently Jace released a video on the Coffee Stain YouTube channel on the 18th of June 2021 mainly talking about upcoming features for the game mentioned on stream but not on YouTube. In the first part of the video, Jace talks about when Update 5 is releasing where we are told that it is planned for fall this year.[Update 5 1] Coming After this in the second item he talks about build modes he explains that this means that building will become easier and have more different modes.[Update 5 4]


Toilet Flushing[]

So far, there has been only one DLC confirmed, which would introduce flushing of the toilet in the HUB.[DLC 1] It will cost $1, the release date is not known.[DLC 2][DLC 3][DLC 4] A related Toilet Paper DLC was also hinted at.[DLC 5]

Map Update[]

New biomes[]

  • There will not be a snow biome in the game.[Map 1]

Biome changes[]

  • It has been confirmed that the currently empty Spire Coast biome will be completely reworked as a new biome in a future map update.[Map 2]




  • They are looking into revamping the tutorial and very beginning of the game to provide a much easier entry into the game, and to bring in more people to the game and not scare them.[Unspecified 1]
    • They specifically asked for the community to provide them with ideas and their own thoughts on how this could be accomplished in the future.[Unspecified 1]
  • The main issue with only one type of fuel being possible with equipment (i.e. the Jetpack can only use Packaged Fuel) is because of an issue with the UI and the engine. They cannot create an efficient way for the game to select which fuel type at which time in your inventory for the Jetpack to use. Snutt has confirmed that it will be in the game eventually.[Unspecified 2]

Dedicated servers[]

Dedicated servers are being worked on, but it has previously been an issue with finding dedicated individuals to work on it.[Dedicated servers 1]

  • Jace referred to the developer job for dedicated servers as "in Harry Potter- the Dark Arts class, the teachers never last more than a year."[Dedicated servers 2]


Update 5[]





Dedicated servers[]