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The Geothermal Generator is a power generator building that generates 50-600 MW of power when built on top of a Geyser. It requires no additional input.

The power output of Geothermal Generators fluctuates and is affected by the purity of the Geyser. The fluctuation cycle takes one minute, and depends on the time at which the generator was built.



Geothermal Generator Geothermal Generator is unlocked via the Caterium Research chain in the MAM MAM using:
Heavy Modular Frame
Geyser Geyser is added to the Resource Scanner via the Caterium Research chain in the MAM MAM using:
Heavy Modular Frame

Both unlocks are in the same research node.


The power output of a Geothermal Generator fluctuates between 0.5 and 1.5 times of its average power generation. The average generation is determined by the Geyser purity:

Purity Amount Power Average power
Impure 3 50–150 MW 100 MW
Normal 9 100–300 MW 200 MW
Pure 6 200–600 MW 400 MW
Total 18 2250–6750 MW 4500 MW

The power output fluctuates linearly, and a full fluctuation cycle takes one minute to complete. The power output of a Geothermal Generator at a given point in time can therefore be modeled by the mathematical function:

where is the absolute value function, is the floor function, is the average power output of the geyser, and is the number of seconds since the lowest point in the fluctuation cycle.

Geothermal Generators cannot be overclocked.


  • Geothermal Generators can be built on Geysers completely covered by Foundations. The Geyser's steam eruption, however, has to be visible above the foundation.
  • Power Storages can be used to mitigate the fluctuating power generation of Geothermal Generators, guaranteeing the average power generation. The number of Power Storages required for this depends on the purity of the Geyser. Power Storages charge at a maximum rate of 100MW, so you need enough Power Storages to consume all excess power above average power generation.
    • You need 0.5 Power Storages per impure Geyser.
    • You need 1 Power Storage per normal Geyser.
    • You need 2 Power Storages per pure Geyser.
  • Another fluctuation mitigation strategy is to build pairs of equal-purity Geothermal Generators exactly halfway through each other's cycle (30 seconds apart), thus cancelling each other out, as their phase will be exactly opposite. This leads to guaranteed 200 MW, 400 MW and 800 MW per pair by purity respectively.


  • Most Geysers are concentrated in the northern part of the map.
  • Each Geyser shoots out hot steam about every 15 seconds. The pioneer is not damaged by this hot steam, but is propelled by it.
  • Geysers are the only resource nodes that do not produce any items or fluids.



  • Patch
    • Geyser eruptions now propel pioneers upward
    • Geothermal Generators no longer all share the same fluctuation cycle
  • Patch
    • Geothermal Generators no longer have priority over other generators
    • Geysers now have purity
    • The power output of Geothermal Generators is now dependent on Geyser purity and fluctuates
    • The Geothermal Generator GUI is now finished and functions properly
  • Unknown patch between Patch 0.3.7 and Patch Renamed from Geo Thermal Generator to Geothermal Generator
  • Patch Fixed a bug where some Geysers were still not usable
  • Patch
    • Geothermal Generators should be buildable on Geysers again
    • Minor UI tweak
  • Patch Updated and optimized the Geyser idle and burst VFX
  • Patch 0.3: Geysers now show just "Geyser" instead of "Geyser cannot be picked up! (Normal)" when approached
  • Patch Geyser placement issue in Desert Canyons resulting in ‘Floor is too steep’ when trying to build should be fixed
  • Patch 0.1.5: Changed build cost from 25 Cable, 4 Heavy Modular Frame, and 20 Rubber to 30 Cable, 8 Heavy Modular Frame, and 50 Rubber
  • Patch 0.1.10: Fixed an invalid Geyser