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R&D inflated your pocket-dimension.

The Inventory Tab ↹is where pioneers store items and equip equipment and consumables. Its size can be upgraded with various milestones and research. The starting size is 18 slots, and the current maximum size is 81 slots. There is also a trash slot that will destroy any items dragged into it, except for certain items such as Uranium Waste.


The inventory is unlocked after the pioneer has opened the Codex for the first time.


Main article: Controls
  • Stack transfer - Items can be quickly transferred as a stack to/from the inventory by holding ⇧ Left Shift when Left an item.
  • Mass transfer - All items of the same type will be transferred when dragging an item followed by holding Ctrl and drag into another inventory, or Ctrl + Left.
  • Splitting stacks - Right will split a stack in half. Holding down Right brings up a menu that allows splitting off specific amounts, either by using the slider or manual input. The menu also has a button to see the item's entry in the codex.
  • Sorting - Inventories (including storage buildings) have a button to sort all items.
  • Hotbar - Items in the inventory can't go into the hotbar (only buildings can). Alt + Middle to scroll between hotbars.
  • Hand slots - Middle to scroll between hand slots.
  • Equip - Double Left or ⇧ Shift + Left will equip items in the hand or body slot.
  • Insert relevant items - Using Keypad 1 to 0 while interacting with a building with relevant items can be used to insert the relevant items to the building input or Power Shard slot.

Relevant Items hotkey
In the above example,

Item stack size[]


Tier Type Name Inventory slots Hand slots
0 Tier 0 HUB Upgrade 1 3 -
0 Tier 0 HUB Upgrade 4 3 -
0 Tier 0 HUB Upgrade 5 3 -
1 Tier 1 Field Research 3 1
2 Tier 2 Obstacle Clearing 3 -
3 Tier 3 Vehicular Transport 3 -
4 Tier 4 Improved Melee Combat 3 1
5 Tier 5 Gas Mask 3 -
6 Tier 6 Jetpack 3 -
7 Tier 7 Hazmat Suit 3 -
7 Tier 7 Hover Pack 3 -
- Alien Organisms Expanded Toolbelt - 1
- Alien Organisms Inflated Pocket Dimension 6 -
- Mycellia Research Expanded Toolbelt - 1
- Quartz Research Inflated Pocket Dimension 6 -
- Sulfur Research Expanded Toolbelt - 1
- Sulfur Research Inflated Pocket Dimension 6 -
- Hard Drive Inflated Pocket Dimension 6 -
- Hard Drive Inflated Pocket Dimension 6 -

Equipment slots[]

Inventory UI

An inventory with a Xeno-Basher equipped in the hand slot and an empty body slot

Up the game up to six hand slots can be unlocked. The player also has a Head, Body, Back and Legs slot for equipment by default.

Middle up/down to scroll to between different hand slots.

Empty Update 6 Inventory

An Inventory from Update 6 with a Xeno-Basher, Rebar Gun and Blade Runners equipped

To equip item or body equipment into slots, you can either drag, ⇧ Shift + Left or Double Left that item in the inventory window. To use a consumable, such as a healing item, scroll Middle until it is in your hand then Left to consume.

Item/Equipment Slot Type Consumes
Xeno-Zapper Xeno-Zapper Hand Melee Weapon -
Beryl Nut Beryl Nut Hand Healing, consumable -
Paleberry Paleberry Hand Healing, consumable -
Bacon Agaric Bacon Agaric Hand Healing, consumable -
Portable Miner Portable Miner Hand Placeable -
Chainsaw Chainsaw Hand Equipment Solid Biofuel Solid Biofuel
Object Scanner Object Scanner Hand Equipment -
Beacon Beacon Hand Placeable -
Rebar Gun Rebar Gun Hand Ranged Weapon Iron Rebar Iron Rebar (and variants)
Xeno-Basher Xeno-Basher Hand Melee Weapon -
Medicinal Inhaler Medicinal Inhaler Hand Healing, consumable -
Nobelisk Detonator Nobelisk Detonator Hand Ranged Weapon Nobelisk Nobelisk (and variants)
Rifle Rifle Hand Ranged Weapon Rifle Ammo Rifle Ammo (and variants)
Zipline Zipline Hand Equipment -
Parachute Parachute Back Equipment, consumable -
Blade Runners Blade Runners Legs Equipment -
Jetpack Jetpack Back Equipment Packaged Fuel Packaged Fuel
Gas Mask Gas Mask Head Equipment Filter Filter
Hazmat Suit Hazmat Suit Body Equipment Iodine Infused Filter Iodine Infused Filter
Hover Pack Hover Pack Back Equipment 100 MW Power


  • Patch
    • Added one extra Hand slot
    • Replaced old Body slot with one Head, Body, Back and Legs slot
  • Patch
    • Rebalanced progression of inventory slot increases
    • Right click menu on inventory slots and buildings in the Build Menu has option to open the appropriate Codex page
  • Patch Sorting inventory should no longer result in items getting deleted in certain scenarios
  • Patch It is no longer possible to duplicate items in storages or other inventories by opening them with both Host and Client
  • Patch Fixed that mass-dismantle sometimes wouldn’t put refunded resources in your inventory if there is enough space
  • Patch Players can no longer duplicate equipment stacks if their inventory is full
  • Patch New items in Inventory notifications should not show anymore when moving resources around in the Inventory
  • Patch
    • Big inventory slots don’t significantly change window sizes anymore
    • Made sure the hitbox for the Inventory trash slot is correct
  • Patch 0.3:
    • Added “relevant items” section over the inventory items, where you can see if the items you have in your inventory are usable/contextual in the UI you’re currently interacting with
    • Added the option to toggle large or small inventory slots.
    • Moving items in inventory while the split stack UI is active doesn’t affect the split number anymore
  • Patch Added functionality to sort inventory by the item categories
  • Patch 0.1.15:
    • Fixed the inventory notifications getting stuck on screen when picking up items
    • Inventory slots now anchor to the top left again when dragged.
  • Patch 0.1.14:
    • Dragged inventory objects now centre on the cursor
    • Adjusted dropping items from inventory. They will now stack together if possible and should find clear places to be dropped around the player.
  • Patch 0.1.6:
    • Fixed the bug where inventory size wasn’t updated until the player opened the inventory
    • Fixed a bug with moving inventory items to empty slots
  • Patch 0.1.5: Fixed that sorting the Inventory when in a building menu making the resource pick-up HUD appear
  • Patch Closed Alpha 4:
    • Added tooltips for Inventory
    • Increased drop areas for items in inventory
  • Patch Closed Alpha 3:
    • Made all inventory slots smaller
    • Implemented sort functionality for the player inventory and storages
  • Patch Closed Alpha 2: Can't drop items anymore between the inventory & character equipment screen.