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We even support stuff like multi-floor warehouses so you can stack your buildings and a whole bunch of navigational constructs like jump pads and walkways!
~ Caterina Parks's assistant Steve

The Jump Pad is a building that can launch pioneers, creatures, and vehicles into the air. After placement (single mouse click), the launch angle can be adjusted from 0° to 90° in 5° steps, and an estimated trajectory and landing spot is shown while setting the angle.

Each Jump Pad has an internal power buffer which is large enough for five uses. This means that rapid use will deplete this buffer faster than it can recharged and pioneers will have to wait for the buffer to recharge enough for another use as indicated by the Indicator Light changing from yellow to green. This also means that in the scenario of a grid failure, Jump Pads will still work up to five times before running out of power themselves. While initially requiring 5 MW, the Jump Pad quickly fills its internal buffer and then falls to into standby mode and drawing 0.1 MW. A new Jump Pad will take around 22 seconds to fully fill its internal buffer, meaning that it will replenish one use every 4.4 seconds.

U-Jelly Landing Pads and water surfaces can be utilized greatly to guarantee a safe landing.


  • During the FICSMAS seasonal event, a festive jingle is played upon being launched.


  • Patch Now can be rotated 45 degrees when placing instead of only 90 degrees
  • Patch 0.3.6:
    • Added visual feedback with the launch trajectory for the current Jump Pad and pre-existing ones while building
    • Launch angle can be adjusted while placing with Mouse Wheel, extra fine-tuning is possible by holding down Ctrl while adjusting the angle
    • Updated visuals, it is now a new single mesh instead of several different ones
    • Renamed the previous iteration of the Jump Pads to "Old Jump Pad"
    • Removed Old Jump Pads from the Build menu, Codex and Quick Search
  • Patch 0.3: Now affect creatures and physics objects like vehicles


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