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The Ladder is a vertical climbable structure. It can be built free-standing on the ground, on Foundations or on Walls.



Ladder Ladder is unlocked via the AWESOME Shop AWESOME Shop using:


The Ladder's height can be adjusted between two and 20 meters in steps of two meters: 2/4/6 … 18/20 meters. When building, the first click sets its starting position, then looking up or down sets the height, and the second click confirms the construction.

The handle at the top extends one meter higher than the climbable height.

Additional Ladder segments can be attached each to other, snapping to either the top or the bottom, regardless of the ladder is free-standing or not. This makes it a very versatile tool for vertical traversal.


A ladder penetrating water surface, such as the sea level, can be used by engineers for diving into the water. The downward S key needs to be pressed very slowly to avoid being washed away. While in water, it is required to remain attached to the ladder or the engineer will begin floating to the surface.

This method can be used to obtain some collectibles located underwater.


  • Patch 0.3.6:
    • Introduced
    • Velocity check for all ladders was removed (it is now possible to attach onto them no matter how fast the engineer is moving/falling)

Other ladders[]


Various stackable ladders in game.

Several buildings also feature a ladder on their side. The following buildings do and are stackable:

Buildings that are non-stackable, but feature a tall ladder:

Radar Tower Lookout Tower comparison

Radar Tower and Lookout Tower.

Besides these, many factory buildings also have a ladder but are not stackable, such as Smelters and Miners.