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The Lake Shark is a removed aquatic lifeform that could only be seen in inland bodies of water.


The Lake Shark swam very quickly and would patrol within its lake. Due to there being no underwater swimming available to the player, not much could be learned.

During its 'patrol', the Lake Shark would dive deeper into the water, possibly staying a certain distance from the lake-bed. It has also been observed diving when passing near the player, this behavior is consistent while the player is on land or buildings outside the water. When diving to avoid the player, the Lake Shark will disappear under the lake-bed, and then reappear nearby.

At lakes where this creature has been seen, the Space Giraffe-Tick-Penguin-Whale Thing would wade into the water, and both creatures appeared to ignore each other.

Large and small Lake Sharks have been observed, with larger Lake Sharks only being seen in lakes, and smaller Lake Sharks appearing in smaller ponds.


Because weapons cannot be used while swimming, as well as the creature's speed, it is unknown if Lake Sharks could be killed. However, shooting them with the Rifle wouldn't kill it.